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Opal Rasul Steam Temple For Two

1 Hour
  • Guided Exfoliation & Mud Mask Therapy
  • Detoxifying Steam
  • Rain Shower
  • Hydration

An ancient wellness journey which melds the power of exfoliation, purifying mineral rich mud masks and steam to create an immensely popular spa experience for friends to enjoy together.

Surrender yourself to an immersive spa journey to reconnect both body and mind. Your therapist will expertly guide you through invigorating exfoliation techniques, to buff away dry skin and energise the body, before enveloping your body in our mineral rich face and body masks.

Step inside the private Opal Rasul Temple and let the detoxifying warmth of the steam purify the body, whilst the ambient lighting guides you on a peaceful and meditative journey.

Awaken to an invigorating cooling mist and rain shower ritual before hydration is applied.

Perfect for up to three people.

Opal Rasul Steam Temple For Two
Available Locations

Price: $280.00

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It is recommended that you have extra water intake after your Opal Rasul experience and maintain your hydration throughout the day. You cannot have this experience if you are under the influence of Alcohol. 

Please limit your alcohol intake in the following 24 hours after your Opal Rasul experience; ideally have no alcohol in that time period. To get the most out of your experience we recommend you take your time to relax in our tranquil lounge for at least 15 minutes after your Opal Rasul experience. 

If you suffer from, or have any of the following we unfortunately cannot confirm your booking for this spa experience.

  • Claustrophobia       
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Implants / pacemaker I prosthesis/piercings           
  • Warts/ Plantar Warts
  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • Heart problems
  • High OR Low blood pressure
  • Asthma
  • Circulation problems        
  • Skin rash I infection

Key Features:

  • Guided Exfoliation & Mud Mask Therapy
  • Detoxifying Steam
  • Rain Shower
  • Hydration


Minimum Age Restriction is 16 years


Wow! Wilson is amazing!

You know you've had a great treatment when I leave wanting to steal all your moves. Thank you!

Thank you Stacey for your amazing service!

Sharnee & Aaron
Everything was so beautiful and amazing! Fantastic location and relaxing environment. The steam temple gets better and better everytime! Stephanies has made by birthday so much better :) Thank you

What a wonderful experience

Adeline & James
Stacey was very welcoming and so knowledgeable. The treatment was amazing - exactly what my partner and I needed. Thank you!

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