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Stephanies Luxury Spas Story

Synonymous for luxury, innovation and curated beauty, the Stephanies® collection of day spa’s as we know it today originated from humble beginnings in Camp Hill, Brisbane, in 1994 as Stephanies Natural Beauty.

Let it be known, the name behind the highly regarded and reputable luxury spa collection is Stephanie Shepherd, CEO and Founder.

If you take a moment to close your eyes and reflect back to your childhood, what was it you wanted to be? a nurse.. a chef.. a superhero.. and much like our childhood superheros, the road to success for the Stephanies® brand took conviction, courage and valour.  

In the “compellingly beautiful, rugged and harsh terrain” of Broken Hill, built on “resilience and strong community bonds” is where, from a young age and poised with lipstick in hand, the vision for the Stephanies® brand was conceived.

Stephanie Shepherd

Raised with great love and encouragement from her family, the idea of nurturing and caring for 

others was inevitable. At age 16, Stephanie left behind her collection of test recipes for homemade mud masks and moved to Adelaide, where in 1985, she completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy, before returning briefly to work in Broken Hill, knowing that one day she would complete that unfinished project.

With over 37 year’s experience, shared between beauty therapy, teaching and business development. Stephanie has become one of the most respected business leaders in the beauty, spa and wellness tourism industry. Her authentic style and care to support her industry peers to see them grow is with true passion and professionalism.

Stephanie has built a brand name that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, unique internationally inspired spa treatments in a safe, welcoming environment that allows each guest to completely relax in anyone of her six globally Award-Winning Luxury Hotel and Urban day spas across South East Queensland, Australia.

 With husband Desmond, and strong leadership team by her side, Stephanie continues to take leaps of faith to grow and develop the Stephanies® brand, and to deliver upon her passion and business dreams. 

 …..and some 40 years on, forever inspired by the simplicity and efficacy of the beauty ritual, that dream, that unfinished project, became a reality with the development of Stephanies® Skincare Collection. Made with intention, using traditional artisan fusion methods of formulating, Stephanie has curated a beautiful, science-backed, active botanical collection for you to experience.

 Many claim that Broken Hill has “got a genuine soul”, that very connection which forms the culture within the Stephanies® brand.  

 Immerse yourself and connect you to your authentic self with Stephanies®