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Infrared Sauna 5 Session Pack

Respite | Relaxation | Recovery | Rejuvenation

Your health and holistic wellbeing are vital. Wellness is no longer a luxury - it is being infused into every aspect of our daily life as we seek new solutions to support our wellness goals. Our Infrared sauna is an effective tool for natural healing as the infrared light has the ability to penetrate our bodies at a cellular level and produce a range of health benefits.

 Infrared saunas may assist in:

  • Improving your overall health, healing and wellbeing
  • Relaxation
  • Anti-ageing
  • Weight loss
  • Recovery
  • Muscle healing
  • Improved circulation
  • Lowers chronic pain
  • Detoxification
Infrared Sauna 5 Session Pack
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Price: $160.00

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