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International Women's Day 8th March 2023

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we sat down and interviewed our CEO and Founder, Stephanie Shepherd, the awe-inspiring woman and leader behind the Stephanies Luxury Spa and Skincare Brand on her journey, the significant women in her life and her dreams for the future.

We hope that in some way the brand story of Stephanies and Stephanie herself can inspire and empower women, encourage and build self-awareness, and a confidence to fulfil your passion and desires.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

From a young age and poised with lipstick in hand, the vision for the Stephanies brand was conceived. I was raised with great love and encouragement from my family, the idea of nurturing and caring for others was inevitable. And to this day, my beautiful and endearing mother Joyce still reminisces on the many times I told her “When I grow up I am going to be a beauty lady”. Raised in the rugged, yet beautiful terrain of Broken Hill, at age of 16, I left behind my “collection of test recipes for homemade mud masks” and moved to Adelaide fulfill my dream.

In life and in business, which leading woman has inspired you to achieve your dreams?

My beautiful mum Joyce Shepherd has always been my North Star and my guiding light! 

Allowing me to follow my heart and supporting me with unconditional guidance and love, I made the decision to leave high school in year 10 at the tender age of 15 to pursue my passion; however, there was a slight hurdle I had to get through… And that hurdle was proving to my parents that I could commit to study and therefore dedicating myself to 12 months of TAFE Secretarial studies. Doesn’t seem too difficult now does it – let me fill you in on a secret, Joyce Shepherd was my teacher... dare I say that was a hard year… love you mum if you are reading this! 😂

I truly appreciate what both mum and dad did for me in my so called “gap year”, it was a year of learning and experiences, teaching me life’s little lessons, and so gave me the strength the following year to move to Adelaide and complete my Diploma of Beauty Therapy at age 16. 

So, you could say my true love for my beauty career started at a very young age. I still to this day reflect and think just how young I truly was, but more so, I will be forever grateful that my beautiful mum Joyce and father Len, guided me, taught me resilience, and instilled strong values, all of which we bring to our beautiful Stephanies brand.

What does empowerment mean to you, and how do you support your fellow colleagues?

Listening and being supportive with true intention is fundamental. Often in this ever-revolving rhythm we call life, it is important that we slow down, listen without judgement, and truly understand how someone is feeling, this goes a long way in my opinion.

I have always led with passion and with conviction, qualities I have drawn from my own mentor; and I can only hope that I can in some small way inspire the tremendous woman that I have in my life, both in business and personally, to have the confidence to fulfil their very own goals and dreams, whatever they may be.

And finally, encouragement through praise will undoubtedly lift anyone’s spirits and motivate to become a better self.

And let me ask you again…..what do you want to be when you grow up?

In life we are forever learning, I spoke of the resilience and the values that my mum and dad bestowed upon me; I want to share, I want to teach, I want to develop others, and provide a positive platform, free from bias, where together in this beautiful industry we can grow and best our best selves.

And… when the time comes and I decide to hang up my beauty hat, life will be with my husband, my beautiful animals and surrounded by the countryside that forever lures me – never too far from family and friends, fabulous produce and of course a Stephanies Spa!