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Payot launches NUE Cleansing Range


Discover Payot’s new cleansing range NUE, a cleansing ritual to reveal naturally beautiful skin.  A complete ritual of five care products infused with organic orange blossom floral water to gently cleanse and rescue skin suffocated by pollution particles. It provides skin with a breath of fresh air for a fresh and naturally radiant complexion.
This tailor-made routine consists of two steps: Three de-polluting cleansers and two oxygenating toners, to adapt to the needs of all skin types, whatever your particular desire at that precise moment.

Payot NUE Cleansing Range


A gentle cleanser for suffocated skin, this micellar milk perfectly removes make-up and impurities. Made with 97% ingredients of natural origin, it rids the skin of pollution particles, comforts and softens delicate skin.
The active ingredients of Organic Orange Blossom Floral water is known for its softening and soothing properties, as it offers the skin comfort, softness and suppleness, while the Cotton oil is rich in fatty acid and provides lasting comfort to the skin. Watercress extract supports and detoxifies the skin deep down to release pollution particles leaving a fresh, radiant skin tone.
The texture; a rich milk, making it perfect for all skin types and conditions. Best suited to your evening cleansing ritual.


Adopt a new and incredibly sensory cleansing step with this melt-in cream made from 97% ingredients of natural origin. It effectively eliminates make-up and impurities and rids the skin of pollution particles. It nourishes, smooths and refines the skin texture for a fresh and radiant complexion.

You will love its delicately scented rich enveloping cream texture that melts onto the skin on application and is massaged with the fingertips for a true moment of well-being!
Payot’s Cleansing Micellar Cream shares the same active ingredients as the Micellar Milk with the addition of Cotton AHA, which is beneficial for smoothing wrinkles and refining skin texture. The texture; a rich melt-in cream, making it perfect for a drier skin type or mature skin condition. Best suited to your evening cleansing ritual.

This water infused with micelles is ideal for anyone in a hurry. It eliminates make-up and impurities on the face and eyes in a single step. Enriched with watercress extract and organic orange blossom floral water, it rids the skin of pollution particles and restores softness. Its minimalist formula respects the balance of the eyes and soothes the most sensitive skin.
This fragrance free Payot cleansing water, perfect for sensitive skin now comes in an environmentally friendly refill as well as a travel size of 100ml. For use daily both morning and in the evening.
Made from 98% ingredients of natural origin, this lotion is a real breath of fresh air for suffocated skin. It perfects make-up removal, neutralises the drying effect of hard water and reoxygenates the skin. Enriched with cotton AHA, skin texture is refined and the complexion glows. You’ll love its transparent, delicately scented fresh water texture.
Nasturtium extracts deeply oxygenates the skin to help it breathe again and reveal an incredibly fresh and radiant complexion.
Suitable for all skin types, Payot’s Radiance Booting Toner, is available in 200ml and a convenient eco refill which contains 81% less plastic than normal bottles. For use daily both morning and in the evening.

This toning spray is a real veil of softness for the most delicate skin. It perfects make-up removal, neutralises the drying effect of hard water and oxygenates the skin after removing make-up. Its formula enriched with organic orange blossom floral water moisturises and soothes sensitive skin. Its formula can be used on the face and eyes.

With 10 times more concentrated Organic Orange Blossom Floral water, skin is hydrated and comforted.
Fragrance free, the toning mist is suitable for all skin types and ideal for use day or night or as a refreshing mist applied as needed. Planning a getaway soon to our beautiful Ocean Spa at Noosa or Wellness Spa on the Gold Coast, the range also includes the perfect 100ml travel size.

Payot NUE Cleansing Range


Stephanies is excited to share the launch of the Payot NUE cleansing range. 
Our commitment to respecting our environment and collaborating with like minded skin and lifestyle partners is only elevated as Payot to deliver packaging made from 50% recycled plastics, eco-refills from 81% less plastics, the removal of outer packaging and the product itself, an evolution towards naturalness; herbal, clean, vegan* formulas containing up to 99% of ingredients of natural origin.