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Looking for just the right way to spend your 80th Birthday

Well *clearing throat*; I’m going to introduce you all to Joyce Shepherd; the intrepid travelling mum of Stephanie Shepherd (CEO & Founder of Stephanies Luxury Spas).

Joyce’s journeys have been far from fluffy white robes and grand marble entrances.  In fact Joyce has just arrived safely back from an isolated East Asian Country. Her friends are always waiting to get the call with the latest updates from Joyce’s backpacking journeys. Joyce travelled the world in places before the Lonely Planet guide was even thought of.

Joyce the birthday girl
Last month, while meeting with her regular coffee group and without further ado, she invited all five of them to her 80th Birthday party. The celebration will be held as a spa day at her daughter’s luxury five star Spa Retreat. All friends swiftly RSVPed with the intent on enjoying Joyce’s grandiose spa experience birthday party idea. A completely new experience for all of her invited friends.
With a Wednesday booking at the spa organised, the ladies logistically set out from Northern NSW and drove themselves to the Robina Train Station. They promptly rode the 9 am train all the way into Brisbane’s Central Station and took the escalators direct to Level 3, Poolside Terrace, Sofitel Brisbane Central.

Stephanies Spa Retreat Manager Liz welcomes all her guests warmly and today was no different only that this was Stephanie’s Mum (whom Stephanie holds in high regard). This was no problem for Liz and her team of therapists. All ladies were gracefully shown their lockers to settle in with fluffy robes and soul thongs. Afterwards they were greeted in the tranquillity lounge with a Stephanies Herbal Tea Infusion to relax into their spa journey.  

The ladies group were then ushered into the Sensory Spa and Manicure lounge to enjoy an Exotic Sole Ritual together. The lounge was a buzz with tales and laughter and the humorous deliberation on which Jessica colour polish to choose.  Joyce’s words; “I’m choosing red, happy feet.”

The final part of the ladies journey included sipping French Champagne and Sofitel’s famous French Style High Tea including cheese boards, ribbon sandwiches, scones with jam and cream.

French pastries exquisitely prepared and presented by the hotel’s top Chefs. Joyce was so proud to not only showcase Stephanies® beautiful Spa Retreat and to share this experience with her coffee ladies. They had never seen her spa before but enjoyed treasured time with Stephanie too. Joyce proudly announced that “This is the best present I could have ever been given.”

“You’re never too old to enjoy a spa celebration with friends,” says Stephanie.  Reservations for groups are personal and special occasions can be made memorable at Stephanie’s Day Spas celebrations package.