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Celebrating Nearly Four Decades of Luxury and Wellness

The Journey of Stephanies®

In the compellingly beautiful, rugged, and harsh terrain of Broken Hill, built on resilience and strong community bonds, a young girl's vision for the Stephanies® brand was born. With lipstick in hand and a dream in her heart, Stephanie Shepherd's journey from a small mining town to becoming a leader in the beauty, spa, and wellness industry is nothing short of inspiring.

From Lipstick to Luxurstephanies birthdayy

Stephanie's story begins in Broken Hill, where the foundation of her passion for nurturing and caring for others was laid by her loving family. At 16, she left her collection of test recipes for homemade mud masks behind and moved to Adelaide. There, in 1985, she completed her Diploma of Beauty Therapy, a significant milestone that set the stage for her future endeavours. After returning briefly to work in Broken Hill, Stephanie knew her dream was far from complete.

With over 39 years of experience in beauty therapy, teaching, and business development, Stephanie has become a respected leader in the beauty, spa, and wellness tourism industry. Her authentic style and commitment to supporting her industry peers reflect her true passion and professionalism.

Stephanie has built a brand dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and unique, internationally inspired spa treatments in a safe, welcoming environment. Her six globally award-winning luxury hotel and urban day spas across South East Queensland, Australia, are a testament to her vision and dedication.


stephanies and husband desmondBuilding a Legacy with Family and Passion

With her husband Desmond and a strong leadership team by her side, Stephanie continues to take bold steps to grow the Stephanies® brand. Their journey is a testament to their shared passion and business dreams, always pushing the boundaries of what a luxury spa experience can be.

Stephanie's journey has always been about more than just business. It's about creating a space where guests can completely relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves. 

The Soul of Stephanies®

Many say Broken Hill has "a genuine soul," a connection that forms the culture within the Stephanies® brand. This soul is what guides the team at Stephanies® to create breathtaking experiences for their guests. They embrace new technologies, respect ancient rituals, and step away from the ordinary to deliver truly unique spa journeys.


At Stephanies®, values are the essence of thoughts and actions. These values include:

  • Curating spa experiences with mindfulness, love, and well-being.
  • Being present and connecting with authenticity, integrity, and respect.
  • Welcoming diversity and engaging talent that enhances collaboration and results.
  • Inspiring guests to be well-informed, empowered, and confident.
  • Respecting the environment and collaborating with like-minded skin and lifestyle partners.
  • Enhancing and supporting the communities in which they live and work.

joyce stephanieCommitment to Education and Training

Stephanies® places a high value on education and training, partnering with TAFE QLD and The French Beauty Academy to nurture and develop young talent in the spa and wellness sector. These partnerships exceed the demands of industry employers and provide aspiring beauty therapists with genuine career opportunities and meaningful pathways. The collaboration with these institutions ensures that students follow a progressive curriculum connected to industry needs and consumer demand.

Happiness Through Giving

Stephanies® is committed to strengthening the communities they serve through their "Happiness through Giving" philanthropic program. This initiative supports positive change for individuals, groups, and animal welfare. Over the past 12 months, Stephanies® has contributed over $20,000, making a positive impact in special and unexpected ways.

The Evolution of Stephanies®

1994: Stephanies® Natural Beauty (Now Stephanies Urban Spa Bulimba)

The journey began in 1994 with Stephanies® Natural Beauty in Bulimba. This original spa, nestled in the leafy village atmosphere of Oxford Street, has been nurturing the local community for over 20 years. Inspired by Hamptons well-being retreats, Stephanies® Urban Spa offers exceptional beauty services, well-being retreats, and essential spa therapies.

2007: Stephanies® Spa Retreat, Sofitel Brisbane Central

In 2007, Stephanies® Spa Retreat opened within the luxurious Sofitel Brisbane Central. This French-inspired day spa offers bespoke rituals and spa packages, including full body treatments, facials, massages, and more. The unique Opal Rasul Temple steam room experience is a highlight, providing an ancient wellness journey for friends to enjoy together.

2010: Stephanies® Ocean Spa, Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas

Stephanies® Ocean Spa, located in Peppers Noosa Resort & Villas, Noosa Heads, offers a tranquil retreat with stunning views of the Noosa Biosphere Reserve. The spa features wellness treatment rooms, a mineral float pool, a Vichy shower, and bathing rituals, providing a truly immersive spa journey.

2011: Stephanies® Mountain Spa, Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge

Stephanies® Mountain Spa at Mercure Clear Mountain Lodge offers unparalleled views and a serene environment for relaxation. The spa features six treatment suites, a Hydrotherapy Bath suite, and a grand Bordeaux VIP spa suite with a private lounge and stone bath.

2012: Stephanies® Vintage Spa Cleveland

Stephanies® Vintage Spa in Cleveland pairs European elegance with Hamptons restoration in a historical landmark. The spa spans over three levels and offers eight spa suites, a hydrotherapy bath suite, an infrared sauna, and a vintage pedicure lounge, ensuring a luxurious experience.

2015: Establishing Stephanies® Luxury Spas Corporate Office

Stephanies® Luxury Spas took a significant leap forward with the establishment of a head office location. This strategic move was instrumental in the continued growth of the brand, providing a central home for the executive leadership team, IT, marketing, reservations, and commercial laundry facilities. The head office became a vibrant hub, where the dream to create a dedicated training space for Stephanies team came to life, fostering a nurturing environment for both new and existing staff. It soon evolved into a sought-after training facility for industry partners. The head office also became the epicentre for all research and development, driving innovation and excellence across the luxury spa group.

2015: La Vie élixir Brand Launch

La Vie élixir, launched in 2015, combines Stephanie's passion for spa with decades of learning. This retail collection of spa-grade beauty products, bath soaks, and tea rituals can be enjoyed at home, offering a sensory spa journey inspired by Mother Nature's finest ingredients.

2020: Stephanies® Wellness Spa, Q1 Resort and Spa Surfers Paradise

Stephanies® Wellness Spa at Q1 Resort & Spa Gold Coast offers an eco-elegant space among tropical landscapes and pool terraces. The spa features eight wellness treatment rooms, Vichy showers, and a Hydrostorm shower suite, providing a grounding spa experience.

2021: Stephanies® Skincare Retail and Body Collections Launch

In 2021, Stephanies® launched their Skincare Retail and Body Collections, inspired by raw ingredients found in nature. These supercharged formulations are created using a traditional double blending method to protect the pure botanical and cosmeceutical actives, aligning with the Stephanies® ethos.

2022: Stephanies® Mindful Spa Essential Oil Collection and Rose Quartz Tools Launch

The launch of Stephanies® Mindful Spa Essential Oil Collection and Rose Quartz tools in 2022 represents a commitment to self-love and peace. The Rose Quartz tools help eliminate toxins, promote circulation, soothe the skin, and stimulate collagen production, enhancing your beauty ritual.

2023: New Head Office and Expanded Services

Stephanies® relocated its Head Office to Morningside and expanded its services with Stephanies® Collective, Training Hub, and the Wash Lounge Laundromat. The Training Hub offers industry-specific, hands-on, and theoretical learning spaces for diverse educational needs, ensuring high-quality training experiences. 

The Wash Lounge, born from Stephanies® commitment to maintaining eco-friendly and high-quality linen for its spas, provides sustainable laundry services for both domestic and commercial clients. Utilising eco-friendly detergents and modern equipment, the laundromat offers a convenient, efficient, and environmentally conscious solution that prioritises customer satisfaction and community support, including partnerships with organisations like Orange Sky Australia.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To all of Stephanies® clients and friends, a heartfelt thank you for entrusting Stephanie and her team with your skin and well-being for almost three decades. As Stephanies® Luxury Spas celebrates 30 years, we are excited to bring back the spa birthday parties with special offers, luxury skincare prizes, luxury picnics, stay and spa prizes, instant wins, sale days, flash sales and maybe a much loved spa treatment or two from the humble beginnings!

Birthday Offers

•    Classical Facial Birthday Offer: Instantly brighten and nourish your complexion while protecting against environmental damage and visible signs of aging.
•    Hot Stone Massage with Scalp Elixir: Time-honoured massage techniques combined with warm volcanic basalt stones invite calm and melt away tension.
•    Aromatic Revival Ritual: A ritual body experience to purify, energize, and revive body and mind, incorporating a deeply exfoliating full-body treatment and a bespoke wellness massage.

These treatments can be enjoyed individually or combined into a pamper party with friends.

Celebrating Community and Connection

As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the journey and the connections we have made. Stephanies® has always been about more than just providing luxury spa treatments; it's about being an active part of the communities we serve. Thank you for your ongoing support and for sharing your lives with us.

We look forward to continuing this journey with you, creating unforgettable spa experiences, and supporting the communities in which we live and work.

With gratitude and warmth