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Vintage Spa

In 1994 it began as a modest two-room beauty salon in Camp Hill and has evolved into a portfolio of highly regarded luxury spas across South East Queensland know as Stephanies® Luxury Spas....

Stephanie had a vision and desire to combine beauty therapies with peaceful spaces of harmony and balance. She dreamt of creating more than a small beauty salon. Stephanie wanted to design and build bespoke day spas where people could cocoon themselves from the outside world. Even if her spa guests were only visiting for a short time, she wanted them to feel like they had entered another World when they stepped through the spa doors.

This is exactly what Stephanie Shepherd has created… Luxury Spa Retreats where her guests indulge in world-class spa rituals or the simple pleasures of the regular beauty therapy treatment. Stephanies® guests enjoy visiting all five unique locations time and time again.

Enjoy the spas famous signature spa rituals, which are performed in the exquisitely designed suites, boasting exceptional modern chic interiors to soothe and comfort while sipping bespoke herbal tea infusions. Guests are invited to indulge and create spa memories with friends in the luxury pedicure and manicure lounges. Stephanies® Award Winning Luxury Spas welcomes you to enjoy the luxury escapes time and time again.

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Stephanies Vintage Spa