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Oxygen Therapy

20 mins

LED Light Therapy

Cleanse | Exfoliation | LED | Oxygen Infusion | 3-Step Finishing

Incorporate the power of two skin technologies. LED light therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen infusion.

20 mins

Micro Boost

Cleanse | Crystal Microdermabrasion | Oxygen Infusion |  3-Step Finishing

Enjoy gentle Microdermabrasion with a twist of Oxygen therapy, leaving your skin perfectly clean and dewy.

0 mins

Vitamin Booster

Add a further cocktail of essential vitamin boosting extracts containing lightweight Hyaluronic Acid including skin healthy vitamins and antioxidants. Perfect inclusion to boost your Oxygen Therapy skin treat.

*Pricing can vary between locations. If purchased as a giftcard, the treatment will revert to the money value at other locations.