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Signature Treatments

Stephanies Spa Retreat



1 Hour 40 min

Rose Petal Foot Exfoliation | Heated Stone Back Massage | Classical Facial

Enjoy the soothing feeling of a warm rose petal infusion washing over your feet, before soles are invigorated with an aromatic cleansing exfoliation. Drift to a supreme level of relaxation as warm, smooth stones deeply massage your back and neck. Rejuvenate the skin with a customised facial. Complete your inner harmony with a foot and scalp massage.


1 Hour 40 min

Rose Petal Foot Exfoliation | Skin Brushing | Crystal Chakra Balancing | Heated Stone Massage

Your treatment journey will begin with a rose petal foot immersion and foot exfoliation. Lay back and enjoy skin brushing to prepare your body. Melt away with ancient body massage techniques using warm, soothing volcanic Basalt stones to release aches and dissolve stress. Balancing Chakra crystals, intuitively selected by you, are then placed on your body to restore energy and balance to mind, body and soul.

SACRED QUEEN | $195.00

1 Hour 30 min

Rose Petal Foot Exfoliation | Back Therapy & Herbal Poultices | Foot Reflexology | Indian Scalp, Neck & Facial Massage

This ancient treatment combines Ayurvedic inspired practices and modern spa techniques. Begin your journey with a rose petal foot immersion, followed by a heated herbal poultice back massage, finishing on the front of body from head to toe. This deeply relaxing sacred ritual will leave you feeling floating on air.


1 Hour

Rose Petal Foot Exfoliation | Foot Reflexology | Indian Scalp, Neck & Facial Massage

Energise your mind and body and allow tension to disappear with this divine spa ritual. Your journey begins with a rose petal foot exfoliation and foot reflexology, combining releasing pressure point therapies which include ancient Indian scalp, neck and facial massage techniques to restore balance to mind and body.


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