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Synergie Pure C Crystals 4.5g

Net Size: (4 gr)
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Vitamin C has long been hailed as the ultimate skin fortifier and brightener. In this formula we couple Vitamin C in its purest form – L-ascorbic powder crystals- with the versatile antioxidant alpha lipoic acid. Pure C crystals is an essential skin antioxidant that is the perfect daily partner to sunscreen in addressing free radical damage, uneven skin tone, UV damage and ageing.

Key feature:

 Enhances tissue growth and repair and is excellent for scar regeneration

Protects the skin cells from harmful UV damage by neutralising DNA damaging free radicals 

 Inhibits cross-linking of protein (collagen) which causes wrinkling of the skin (Advanced Glycation End Products/ AGE)

Is able to neutralise toxic metals in the body


Use in the morning. Tap a small amount of Pure C into the palm and dissolve at a ratio of 1:4 parts crystals to serum.

Mix with:

• HydroGel for oily skin • SuperSerum for ageing skin and fine lines • ReVeal to combat congestion and sun damage • EnLighten for hyperpigmentation

Contra Indications:

Ideal for damaged skin, skin prone to break outs, mature skin and a pigmentated skin type. Do not combine with Vitamin A or Vitamin B serums.


Key Ingredients: L-ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), alpha Lipoic Acid (ala)

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