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Synergie Rejuvaderm Home Roller 0.25

Prescription Required


The Rejuvaderm Home Roller is an at-home device made of fine, shallow, polymerised needles that create 0.25mm ‘micro channels’ in the skin surface. The needles are 100% compatible with human skin and are extremely comfortable compared to home rollers made of metal.   

The roller aids the passage of active ingredients through the outer layer of skin, allowing serums to penetrate directly into the target zone. 

Key feature:

Daily rolling with the Rejuvaderm Home Roller improves penetration of active ingredients by up to 40x more effectively than simply massaging the serum directly into your skin. 


Roll firmly and evenly over skin immediately before applying Synergie serums.

Contra Indications:

Please note this device is not to be shared.  Replace every 9-12 months.

This product is only availible on an active prescription, please check your Stephanies Rewards Account!

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