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Synergie ReVeal (30ml)

Net Size: (30 ml)
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An advanced exfoliation serum designed to gently remove dead cell build up and improve skin texture, luminosity and hydration. This potent formula contains a blend of AHA/ BHA active ingredients including lactic acid, malic acid and salicylic acid.

Key feature:

This exfoliation serum is specifically formulated to:  • Improve skin surface texture  • Remove dead surface cells  • Reduce the appearance of skin discolouration and excess pigmentation  • Decongest skin and improve the appearance of acne  • Enhance the penetration of other active ingredients in your skin routine (Vitamin A, B and C etc.)


Apply three times weekly for general exfoliation, or daily for moderate acne. May also be combined with Pure-C crystals (1:4 ratio of Pure C : ReVeal) as a home 'minipeel' for more robust skin. 

Contra Indications:

Ideal for a moderately acneic skin, to imporve texture and luminosity.

It is recommended that you apply Überzinc or Synergie Minerals foundation as your UV protection following ReVeal.  Do not mix with Vitamin A and B serums.


Key Ingredients: lactic Acid (aha), malic Acid (aha), salicylic Acid (bha), bearberry Leaf Extract

This product is only availible on an active prescription, please check your Stephanies Rewards Account!

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