Available Bulimba, Cleveland and Clear Mountain.

We are proud to be working alongside Dr Frank Mallawaarachchi providing cosmetic and aesthetic medi spa antiageing injectables at Stephanies®. Cosmetic treatments can assist with complexion concerns, facial rejuvenation (full or part), acne scarring, wrinkles including frown lines, crows feet, lip volume, neck and double chin areas. We offer an obligation free consultation to answer any queries about these procedures that you may have and provide an accurate quotation.


Anti Wrinkle Treatments From $250

Injectable treatments, derived from a purified protein, that work by relaxing the muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles, giving your face a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.

Dermal Fillers From $500

Dermal fillers are used to smooth away lines and to restore the loss of fullness that can occur with ageing in the cheeks, lips and jawline.

Double Chin Reduction From $650

Reduce submental fat under your chin using a non-surgical neck lift alternative. Double Chin Fat Reduction injections are a prescription cosmetic medical treatment that can improve the appearance and profile of the chin, jawline and/or neck area for treatment-suitable patients.

Platelet Rich Plasma From $500

Your skin is treated with your own plasma which is very concentrated in platelets. These platelets have high levels of growth factors. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections are used in the field of aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate tissue in the skin. It has therapeutic uses such as treating sports injuries, hair transplant surgery, treating scars, non-surgical hair restoration and a lot more!


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Doctor Frank


“I believe that everyone is beautiful and I can bring your natural beauty forward by using my knowledge and techniques in Cosmetic Medicine. Someone’s face is the reflection of their personality, feelings and the inner health and one can read someone’s mind by looking at their face. I practice a holistic approach when addressing a client’s concerns and find options to bring their natural beauty forward.”

Have a friendly chat with Dr Frank for a free assessment of your face and to find out the treatment options to suit your desired outcome and address any concerns you may have regarding treatment.