Body Therapy

Body Therapy

100 mins

Amethyst Body Ritual

Surrender your mind and body to an intensive dry body brushing and breathe in the aromatic rose, ginger and lavender body exfoliant to revitalise tired lacklustre skin. Followed by a cooling application of our Amethyst Body Masque; a hydrating mineral masque that synergises...

40 mins

Body Exfoliation

Delight your body and your senses with our signature Macadamia Crème body exfoliation, with ground macadamia shells and bamboo, enriched with the added benefits of soothing chamomile and vitamin E. After receiving this decadent body exfoliation ritual, your skin will feel...

60 mins

Body Masque Ritual

Lay back and enjoy an invigorating dry skin brushing followed by one of our signature body masques depending on your skins condition. Enjoy a warm application of Stephanies® Balancing Body Masque to cleanse and balance; or our cooling botanical mix of organic Aloe Vera and...

30 mins

Essential Massage 30

You will be treated to a soothing and re-energising experience. Our nurturing and customised 30 minute massage is designed to relieve built up tension and soothe the back, neck and shoulders using Stephanies® signature essential oil blends. This treatment will restore...

60 mins

Essential Massage 60

Under the skilful intuitive touch of our professional beauty and massage therapists, you will be treated to a soothing and re-energising experience. Our nurturing and customised full body massages are designed to relieve built up tension, soothe the nervous system and...

90 mins

Essential Massage 90

When 60 minutes is just not enough our 90 minute customised massages provides that extra time to our full body massage where our skillful intuitive therapists focus on nurturing and reliving built up tension. Using Stephanies® signature essential oil blends this treatment...

*Pricing can vary between locations. If purchased as a giftcard, the treatment will revert to the money value at other locations.