Mindful Bathing and Bath Soaks

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Mindful Baths 🌸
Duration: 10 minutes – however long you need.

〰️Use when〰️ 💧You start noticing you’re beginning to feel burnt out or overwhelmed with life or a situation to prevent things from getting worse mentally. You can use the bath as a tool to bring your emotional temperature down on your metaphorical thermometer a bit by self-soothing and grounding yourself with your senses to the present moment while you’re in there. Then tackling whatever life throws at you from a less “heated” mental stance so you can problem-solve more clearly and logically. Self-care in the form of a mindful bath can help us reset a bit.


đź’§After something stressful happens to calm down.
đź’§As an exercise in mindfulness and general self-care.

How to mindfully bathe.

〰️Method〰️ Run a bath to whatever temperature is relaxing for you. Fill it with bubbles or bath salts. I like Epsom salts as they are good for relaxing the muscles. Add essential oil (optional) my favourite is lavender. Light some candles make sure you’re undisturbed and turn your phone off.

〰️Option 1 〰️ 💧While you’re in the bath listen to some music while you explore your surroundings using your senses smell, touch, taste, feel, see what’s in the room. Notice the temperature of the water, the bubbles and shapes that they make, the smell of the oil or bath products, feeling your skin against the bubbles and bottom of the tub, seeing the flicker of the candle and observing it, listening to the sound of the water, bubbles popping, sounds you can hear nearby or far away. Just explore what you can and when your mind wanders, which all minds do, bring it back to where you are.

〰️Option 2 〰️ 💧Set yourself up with a guided meditation of your choice. One that I used the other night and enjoyed was by Kristin Neff on the Insight Timer app titled “loving-kindness with self-compassion”.

I enjoyed the warm feelings that come with turning love inward to ourselves that is a result of this particular meditation.

Mindful Bathing Courtesy: I AM MINDFUL™️


Stephanies Luxury Spas Bath Suites

Immersion Therapy or bathing is a cleansing way to end your spa experience. Prior to a treatment, guests choose from our mineral-rich bath soaks to relax muscles and aid wellbeing. All our Bath Salts can be purchased online in a Botanical or Naked blend.

Stephanies Immersion Bath Therapy Suites

Geisha Bath Suite, Stephanies Ocean Spa Noosa

Top left: Geisha Suite looking out onto the Noosa Biosphere Reserve; Stephanies Ocean Spa, Noosa.

Top right: Stone Bath Suite with views over the D’aguilar Range Brisbane; Stephanies Mountain Spa, Clear Mountain.

Bottom left: Luxe Bath Suite within Stephanies Spa Retreat, Sofitel Brisbane Central.

Bottom right: Vino Wooden Bath Suite looking out onto the Noosa Biosphere Reserve; Stephanies Ocean Spa, Noosa.


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Heat. Lay. Scrub – Total Relaxation at Stephanies


With a stunning coastline, pristine national parks, seaside resorts and charming hinterland towns, the Sunshine Coast is a destination that immediately puts you in a relaxed state of mind. The sweeping beaches and rolling hills are ideal for nurturing the soul, but if you need more help there are plenty of world-class health spas to help you wind down.

Among the eclectic range of treatments available to melt away your stress are ancient Tibetan remedies, Greek and Roman-inspired bathing rituals, gentle Balinese healing and even antioxidant vino therapy from France.

There’s more than one way to absorb the benefits of a good wine. At Stephanie’s Ocean Spa, the antioxidant properties of the grape are used to soothe the skin and slow the ageing process with either a vinotherapy body polish, body wrap or wine bath. The extensive menu also offers treatments such as a hot stone massage and organic skin therapy.

The treatment suites are equipped with the latest and greatest in spa technology. Luxuriate with friends in a triple- treatment room with its flotation colour therapy pool or enjoy a luxurious couple’s retreat in the geisha spa suite. www.stephanies.com.au

Take the Time to Relax – Stephanies® Ocean Spa

Take the Time to Relax

Stephanies® Ocean Spa Featured in Sunshine Coast Sunday.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.35.00 PM

“If the post-Christmas budget won’t stretch far enough for a short break or getaway, give the mind, body and soul a little holiday at Stephanie’s Ocean Spa.

A world of relaxation, rejuvenation and indulgence awaits at the day spa and beauty therapy complex on-site at Outrigger Little Hastings Street Resort and Spa, backing on to Noosa National Park.

No matter whether you choose a long and luxurious four-hour escape or quick 30-minute pick-me-up, you’ll leave refreshed and with renewed vigour to take on the day.

Stephanie’s, located on Level 2 of the Sunrise Building, must have one of the Sunshine Coast’s most extensive and decadent array of treatments using state-of-the-art equipment and expert therapists.

You don’t have to be a wine lover to enjoy the benefits of Vino Therapy in the specialty $15,000 timber bath, that is bathed in natural light through open windows.

Originating in France (where else?) but spreading worldwide , this highly relaxing treatment combines the use of delicate grape extracts to soothe the skin and slow ageing through the humble grape’s rich antioxidant properties. Vino exfoliations, immersion soaks and couples’ treatments are offered and reasonably priced .

The couples geisha love immersion soak, for example, is from $69 per person and includes a complimentary glass of bubbles.

For an even greater appreciation of the vino therapy, try the two-and-a- half-hour Spa de Vine signature treatment, which includes a Vino salt scrub, 60-minute relaxation massage using signature Vino essences plus Stephanie’s signature Vino soak and Vino body wrap and complimentary glass of bubbles, topped off with spa refreshments of herbal tea and seasonal fruit sorbet ($385 per person).

The Mineral Floatation Colour Therapy has been likened to swim- ming in the world-renowned Dead Sea, as it creates weightlessness and rejuvenation benefits from the dense

Stephanie’s Ocean Spa is a pampering experience that you simply must try mineral and salt solution.

The 30-minute lie in the floatation pool is so relaxing. An extended 60 minutes in the float pool is said to be equivalent to six hours sleep – talk about a power nap.

The floatation is ideal for those whose bodies regularly suffer as a result of long drives and flights as part of their work. And many do fall blissfully asleep during the treatment, which also uses coloured light therapy to help improve the immunity and cardio-vascular systems, as well as easing anxiety problems.

The private pool area can be savoured alone or with a small group of friends before partaking of the complimentary refreshments in the spa’s tranquillity lounge. Cost is $89 pp, or $69 pp when combined with any other treatment.

Another highly recommended treatment on the spa menu is the Spirit of Wailele signature rain therapy.

Wailele is Hawaiian for “waterfall” and takes place in the Vichy shower suite, atop the magnificent hand- carved acacia cedar shower bed.

Over the course of 90 minutes, streams of water cascade onto tired muscles as the therapist expertly carries out water and hot stone massage techniques.

The invigorating and tranquil water experience also includes an aromatic sea salt exfoliation, a refreshing skin treatment and nourishing hair and scalp reviver.

The tranquillity lounge’s refreshments are included in the cost, from $199 for 90 minutes of bliss. Stephanie’s has all the creature comforts and range of little luxury experiences you need to escape your everyday routine.

So pack away your troubles, turn off your mobile phone, and resort to a little “me” time.”