Cold Cream Marine by Thalgo: restore the comfort of dry and sensitive skin

Cold Cream Marine Thalgo

Following the launch of the Sensitive and Dry Skin ranges 10 years ago, Thalgo has seen the market and the demands change. Their response is visible in the new Cold Cream Marine range. A new concept; 100% natural dermatological formula to lipid-replenish, sooth and repair dry and sensitive skin.

Cold Cream Marine for Skin


ALGAE OIL to Replenish


ALGAE WAX to Soothe
Complex of an extract of Laminaria Ochroleuca brown macro-algae extract, rich in alginic  and phloroglucinol acids and protective olive wax.


Beauty water naturally rich in trace elements and essential minerals.

Combined together to restore the comfort of Dry and Sensitive Skin.

Co l d       C r e a m       M a r i n e     –      F a c e

Face Range


Repairs, soothes and replenishes dry and sensitive skin, for long-lasting, unequalled comfort.

Nutri-Soothing Cream
For whom?
For dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness
The first product enriched with Cold Cream Marine that effectively replenishes, soothes and repairs all dry and sensitive skin for guaranteed comfort for up to 24 hours.
RRP $64

Nutri-Soothing Rich Cream
For whom?

For dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness
The first product enriched with Cold Cream Marine that effectively replenishes, soothes and repairs very dry and sensitive skin for guaranteed comfort for up to 24 hours.
RRP $64

Active Ingredients: Organic White Lupin Extract, Neuro-Soothing Lipopeptide/Witch Hazel and Pine Phytosterols

Face Creams


An intense 7-day course treatment which calms and reduces redness; allowing skin to rebuild its tolerance for a significant reduction in discomfort, such as redness, burning, tightness, itching and stinging.
For whom?
For dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness
This solution contains a high concentration of soothing biomimetic lipopeptides and a marine neuro-cosmetic innovation to help moderate the excessive release of stress messengers and increase the skin’s tolerance threshold.
Active Ingredients: Witch Hazel and Yeast ß-Glucans
RRP $55

Multi Soothing Concentrate


Repairs and soothes all feelings of discomfort in 10 minutes flat.
For whom?
For dry skin with sensations of tingling, overheating and diffuse redness
This mask, infused with Cold Cream Marine, is deeply repairing. Enriched with micro-encapsulated Borage Oil, it infuses fatty acids (Omega-6) drop by drop into the skin, helping to soothe all feelings of discomfort.
Active Ingredients: Micro-encapsulated Borage Oil and Organic White Lupin Extract
RRP $45

Deeply Nourishing Mask



The Cold Cream Marine Ritual provides a haven of comfort for dry and sensitive skin. Starting with a marine immersion of cocooning cleansing milk and lotion, followed by a melt-in scrub with marine crystals and a reviving marine mist. Initial preparation will finish with a multi-soothing concentrate.

Oligo-marine massage cream will be worked into face using nurturing techniques. Then lay back while the deeply nourishing marine mask infuses. Your ritual will end with
nutri-soothing cream for complete hydration.

60 minute starting from $148 (prices vary depending on location)
90 minute starting from $165 (prices vary depending on location)


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Maximise your cleansing routine, Expert Beauty Tips from Stephanies® Luxury Spas

Cleansing is critical in the eyes of a beauty therapist and it’s no lie that it does take a little effort; there is thus far no downloadable APP for face cleansing!

A good facial cleanse will freshen, hydrate and prepare you for the day ahead or a good night sleep in bed. The long-term effect of leaving makeup or grime from the day over night on your skin means impurities are left on skin and leads to oily, problematic skin and premature ageing due to the breakdown of collagen caused by the pollutants left on your skin. So with a few beauty tips and the correct cleansing products that suit you and your skin type your NEW CLEANSING routine begins now. 

Stephanies® therapists suggest the following:


1. Get organised and keep clean soft washers handy as well as cotton rounds.  Get educated and choose a cleanser and freshener that suit both your skin type and your lifestyle.

2. Keep your cleanser in the shower. As soap on face is a no go zone.  Reach for your cleanser, apply, massage all over face and neck, rinse, repeat.

3. If a shower is out of the question, apply your favourite cleanser with a cotton round or with clean hands in massaging movements and remove with warm clean wet washer.

4. Freshener time. Pat dry your face and neck, apply freshener to cotton round to refresh and hydrate your clean skin.  A travel size spray freshener is also a  good way to spritz on face, neck and décolletage during the day to maintain hydration.

5. Moisturise.  Gently press a pea size amount of suitable  moisturiser with fingertips to work all those good ingredients that hydrate and protect  the skin. Concentrate on cheeks, temples and forehead in gentle sweeping upward movements.  Not only gets blood moving to these cells to improve complexion but self massage is a wonderful way to get those neuron’s firing too.


If you find your still reaching out for that liquid soap for a quick face freshen please, please, please, STOP!  Stephanies® carry professional skincare options, quality cleansing products  and skin care solutions to take care of your individuals skin type and concerns.

In spa now MY BEAUTY ROUTINE  Thalgo Cleansers collection features products enriched with vitamins and sea minerals sourced from the cleanest oceans and are designed to give you a truly radiant, clean complexion. Feel fresh, vibrant and skin-clean throughout the Summer months!

We have introduced great value cleanser and toner duo packs for our Thalgo lovers. Receive a 400ml product for the same price at the regular 250ml size. Our NEW Limited Editions – while stocks last.

Limited Edition Thalgo MAXI DUO Up size Packs are available throughout Stephanies® locations now.

Thalgo Maxi Duos

Cleansing Duo YOUTHFUL – Suitable for all skin types and mature skins. RRP $122

Cleansing Duo COMFORT – Suitable for dry, sensitive skins. RRP $118

Cleansing Duo FRESHNESS – Suitable for normal, combination, oily skins. RRP $118

Stephanies® also stock Payot, like Thalgo it’s made in France and delivers a high end range of facial care. The DEMAQUILLANTE  packs are a supersize 400ml  cleanser & toner duo in D’tox and Fraicheur, priced at $115. 

Payot Maxi Duos

DUO DÉMAQUILLANT D’TOX – Suitable for normal, combination or oily skins. On contact with water, Gel Démaquillant D’Tox Cleanser transforms into a rich cleansing foam to clean normal, combination to oily skins, who may also be prone to blemishes and shine.
It is easy to rinse and assists in removing excess sebum, impurities and pollutants with grapefruit extracts. Lotion Tonique Fraicheur is the essential partner to Payot’s cleansers, it freshens and energises the skin with pineapple and cranberry extracts to gently exfoliate and condition the skin.

 DUO DÉMAQUILLANT INTENSE – Suitable for all skin types. Lait Démaquillant Fraîcheur Cleanser removes makeup, impurities and helps maintain moisture levels perfectly. Its silky milk texture, is enriched with cranberry extracts, jojoba seed oil and shea butter for a pleasant feeling of softness, suppleness and all-round freshness. Follow your cleansing journey with Lotion Tonique Fraicheur to condition, hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin with antioxidants and vitamins from pineapple and cranberry extracts.

Enticing and a great way to try Payot if you haven’t used before, depending on your skin care needs of course.  Having tried Payot or not a must have for those wishing to start or expand their cleansing kit is Payot’s Pre Cleansing Oil. When asked, both Stephanie (CEO and Owner) and Heather (Spa Manager) in tandem exclaimed; “I love it”.  This cleansing oil can be incorporated into any skin care program with the ability to remove stubborn waterproof makeup and daily impurities.

Stephanies proudly stocks Australian Made – Synergie Skin, developed by chemist Terri Venison and is Australia’s go to cosmeceutical skin care brand and is no fad.  All product ingredients are clinically verified with clinical data and supported by science. 

Terri’s tips on cleansing:

  1. Cleanse daily and apply skin serums, particularly Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin B (niacinamide) and Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid). These cosmeceuticals are essential for maintaining ageing skin.
  2. Extend your daily and evening treatment moisturiser to your neck. Products like Synergie Skin Reclaim have ingredients designed to firm and promote collagen production
  3. Apply your daily sun protection or UV protective mineral makeup. Mineral sun protection using zinc oxide is preferable over chemical sunscreens.
  4. Do not sleep with your head elevated on high pillows as this can contribute to the appearance of a slack jawline

Terri is truly passionate about wellbeing and life, and cleansing the body in its entireity as a way of life. Great mantra to live by we think!

Embark on your cleansing routine with a positive attitude and smile. If you are wanting to make a change to your routine call Stephanies® today for a free 20 minute consult, available all spa locations (Brisbane City, Bulimba, Cleveland, Noosa, Clear Mountain).

1300 DAY SPA (329 772) or

F O R  B O O K I N G S
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Skin care for workouts, what’s on the list?

Chip Wilson (Lululemon) and Lorna Jane (Lorna Jane Fitness Wear‎) have us kitted up in the best workout gear ever so let’s not forget face and extremities. Skin is our major organ, gets lots of exposure and therefore needs some attention to.  If it’s a workout or an outdoors romp in our often harsh weather conditions there are few essential skin care products to have handy before you head for that park PT session.

We aren’t talking layers of makeup or larger than life ruby red lips (as the latest Vogue article recently pointed out is ultimately not good for our pores – see reference Five reasons why you shouldn’t wear make-up during a workout.…/what+youre+really+doing+to+your+s…) However, a good lip gloss to keep lips conditioned, sunscreen with an SPF factor, and a waterproof mascara (if this is your staple) can give your face and your confidence a little lift while working out.

As far as outside workouts go it’s essential to use an SPF.  For extra coverage a tinted moisturiser or BB Cream with SPF will keep your anti ageing regime in check.  

At Stephanies we stock a number of skin care brands and recommend the following products that are workout proof:

payot skin careFrench and ultimately fit for Australian conditions the Payot Sunsensi range is flawless, hydra rich, very SPF conscious, and is definitely worth the splurge. Sunsensi is an anti-aging suncare line, with  quadruple protection power and pumped with vitamins. These products come highly recommended as pre and post workout skincare.

Post workout you can’t go  past Payot’s post body care to moisturise, beautify and firm for a healthy body and mind. Hydra24 Corps is a hydrating, firming treatment for a youthful body. For those into firming try Celluli Ultra Performance – a corrective care for cellulite with centella asiatica extracts.

Mineral make up lovers have the choice of Jane Iredale’s range; flaunted by makeup artists and therapists as the go to mineral makeup.JI’s dry powder based mineral broad spectrum which is also  Skin Cancer Foundation recommended provides Broad Spectrum SPF 30 and UVA P+++ protection that is water resistant for up to 40 minutes. Powder-Me SPF can be used on the body, face and scalp for aUVB/UVA SPF 30 protection. It contains titanium dioxide and a natural clay dried in the sun and is completely free of contaminants and atmospheric pollutants. Available in three shades: Translucent, Tanned and New Golden.  Base powder with smattering of Jane Iredale’s pure gloss will keep  you looking mint during the toughest of workouts.

jane iredale skin care

If its Australian made and cosmeceutical look no further than Synergy Skin – Clean Science® where scientific breakthroughs combine naturally derived ingredients to protect, change & nurture. ÜberZinc and ÜberZinc Body = amazing.  ÜberZinc Essential Daily Moisturiser (50ml) is suitable for all skin types, offering broad spectrum protection in a light natural base with added pure green tea to neutralise free radicals. This new sheer Zinc Oxide sun block is termed a physical sunscreen as it physically sits on top of the skin and reflects ALL UV light – both UVA and UVB. Überzinc Body is the ultimate in protection and hydration for all body areas exposed to UV light. It combines the UV protective and healing qualities of 21% zinc oxide, with vitamin D3 to helps replenish low vitamin D levels that may be caused as a result of reduced UV exposure. Unlike traditional natural sun protectors Überzinc Body feels like a luxurious, non-greasy and deeply hydrating hand and body lotion. Überzinc Body is a physical sunscreen and will not absorb into the skin.

thalgo skin careThalgo’s BBCream is one of Stephanies best sellers and despite the fact that BB Cream might seem passe Thalgo’s perfect glow BB in three shades and a Broad Spectrum SPF 15 is an essential sport bag face lifter.

Don’t discount a good smattering of gloss or mascara if that’s your inspiration. As Michelle Bridges touts new gear can be just what you need to cure the couch potatoe in us all.  So get active grab your new gym gear, get your skin care essentials, and move, move, move.

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