Preparing Your Skin This Winter

Blog by Stacey – Stephanies Group Trainer & Spa Retreat Manager 

Have you been layering up more with jumpers and experienced the cooler winds and morning chills recently? 

In the upcoming winter months, the temperature drops, and we experience low humidity, cold winds, hot showers and use heaters more often which dries the skin out leaving it more prone to sensitivity, redness, dry patches, dehydration and itchiness. Skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis are more prone to flare up as well. I have found my own skin to be drier and areas of itchiness the past couple of weeks so maintaining it at home is important especially since we aren’t able to have access to our regular facials and body therapies! 

It is always a good idea to switch up your skincare routine as the season’s change, especially in Winter has our skin requires a lot more hydration and nourishment. Adding in some extra products or switching to more nourishing products to your routine can ease and prevent these skin conditions. 

Some friendly Winter reminders and tips you can do at home are: 

Drink lots of water

We hear this all the time, but repetition is key when it comes to drinking the good ‘old’ H2O, especially during cooler months, we can sometimes not feel the need to drink water, but it is essential. Keep a water bottle on your work desk, in your handbag or even set a reminder on your phone to take a sip!  Eat wholesome soups and drink warm teas to keep your body temperature up and hydrated. Don’t forget multivitamins and omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acid oils such as fish or krill oil as a daily supplement to keep your skin from feeling dry! 

Avoid overly hot showers

Hot showers and washing your face with hot water (although it’s tempting) are quite dehydrating on the skin and can strip away of its natural protective barriers and oils. Switch between hot and warm while wallowing in the steamy goodness and avoid putting your face directly under the showerhead. I normally suggest to our guests to use a face washer to rinse facial cleansers and product as it is more effective in removing makeup too! Synergie’s Skin newly improved cleansers come with a Gentle X-foliating Cloth that is perfect as a face washer!

Foaming facial cleansers are fab…

Synergie BioCleanse

However, you may want to switch to a Milk or Creamy Cleanser as they are more nourishing and prevents the loss of important natural oils our skin naturally needs in the cooler months. Synergie’s Skin BioCleanse is a luxurious facial cleanser with rose geranium for fragile, dry or sensitive skin types. Designed to gently remove surface pollution, cell debris and makeup without stripping the natural protective layer of the skin. Give it a try, it’s fantastic! 

Apply Lip Balm daily

Payot Hydra 24+ Lip Balm

Our lips are prone to cracking and dryness with the cold weather, using a lip balm daily will keep your lips protected and supple. My favourite is Payot Hydra24+ Lip Balm. This lip balm provides comfort to lips that are dried out and damaged. It moisturises, repairs, heals, restructures and protects against climatic aggressions. A light and sweet fragrance that is also allergen-free. It is also great to have as a necessity in your handbag or car as it doesn’t melt in the heat either! 

Your winter skin needs a little more

Of a boost in so include a face serum and mask into your skin routine! Those vitamin serums in your routine and a sleep mask will do your skin a world of good.  Vitamin B also known as Niacinamide is a vital ingredient for the skin and suitable for all skin types. Synergie Skin’s Vitamin B serum is packed full of Vitamin B3 and B5 and can be used morning and evening after using a gentle cleanser and before applying your moisturiser. There are many benefits to using Vitamin B every day in your skincare routine that will make you want to use this vitamin all year round. 

Synergie Vitamin B
  • Strengthens the skin barrier 
  • Hydrates the skin by preventing transdermal water loss 
  • Prevents pigmentation from forming 
  • Is anti-inflammatory and very healing for breakouts 
  • Reduces redness in the skin 
  • Regulates oil flow 
  • Refines wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen in the skin 

The ultimate indulgent home treatment mask to nourish your skin with Manuka Honey and hyaluronic acid is MasquErase. Using it weekly will help restore your skin’s youthful glow with its potent blend of active ingredients including intense hydrators, marine phycosaccharide, niacinamide and Canadian Willowherb. You are able to allow this mask to activate overnight by sleeping with it on (apply instead of your night cream) and did I mention… it smells delicious enough to eat it? 

Gently exfoliate face and body

Macadamia Exfoliation Cream

Yes, and your body! Using Stephanies la Vie elixir Macadamia Exfoliation Crème once or twice a week allows to remove dead skin cells, brightens the skin and allows your moisturisers to penetrate better into the skin. It is an exotic whipped blend of bamboo, macadamia shells, soothing chamomile and vitamin E that gently and effectively removes dull surface skin cells and refines the skin for a healthy glow! It is one of our Teams favourites and must-haves for the shower. 

An intensive night moisturiser

Synergie Skin Hydrolock

If you find your skin is drier in the winter use your summer moisturiser during the day, and changeup for a richer moisturiser at night. A rich facial moisturiser, Hydrolock, is designed to repair and combat dry, ageing skin. As skin ages or is subjected to environmental extremes, additional hydration and repair is needed to replenish and restore surface imperfections and moisture levels. Active ingredients such as hydrolyzed algin, lecithin, organic olive squalene and oat beta-glucan have amazing benefits for the skin such as: 

Hands are prone to dryness

More relevant to our circumstances now with sanitising and washing our hands regularly and now into the cooler months, quite often can lead to eczema, dermatitis, cracked skin and dry spots. 

Lapis Body Cream

After continued washing of hands, use a nourishing hand or body cream and at night before bed, apply some cuticle oil to your cuticles to keep everything nourished and protected. Your hands do a lot after all and they deserve some TLC!  If you prefer a non-greasy hand cream but has active ingredients, Stephanies la Vie elixir Lapis Body Crème can be used for the hands and body! It is infused with uplifting citrus notes of grapefruit and orange and restores softness with aloe vera, shea butter and calendula extract. 

Body Moisturiser or Balm

Beaute Balm

A body moisturiser is just as important as a hand cream and your facial moisturisers. Our skin is the largest organ of the body and protects all our internal organs so the least we can do is keep it healthy too! If you prefer the non-greasy texture, the above Lapis Crème is perfect. I love something a little more nourishing, 

Stephanies own signature spa body collection, la Vie elixir Beaute Balm Concentrate,  is seriously addictive it should come with its own warning. Its versatile indulgent hydrating formula provides optimum results for nutrient-rich skin, hair and lips. The smooth beeswax formula has been carefully combined with the age-proofing benefits of carrot oil, sunflower oil, macadamia oil, sweet orange and lavender. This multi-purpose balm can be used for all over body hydration, as a massage medium, a rich bath treatment, or an intensive therapy for calloused feet and hands. Keep it in the fridge during Summer for an instant cooling effect and repair for sun-baked body’s! 

Wear Sunscreen daily

Synergie Uberzinc

Even when it is cloudy or cold, UVA rays still penetrate through the skin into our dermal layer causing premature ageing so opt for a chemical-free sunscreen to protect your skin. Did you know approximately, according to Cancer Council Australia, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70? If you don’t like wearing sunscreen, zinc oxide is an amazing mineral for the skin being inflammatory, healing and protecting from UV damage and is found in our famous Synergie Skin Uberzinc, containing 21% zinc oxide offering a broad spectrum UVA and UVB solar protection. It is your number one anti-ageing product that is hydrating, non-comedogenic and has added pure green tea for its potent antioxidant properties. It is so popular that they even have one for the body – perfect for guys too who work in the sun all day in the sweats as it doesn’t rub off! 

At Stephanies Luxury Spas we love helping you achieve amazing results for your skin and body at home and our Stephanies Skin Experts are here to assist you. We will continue to provide all our Stephanies Spas lovers a personalised phone or video consultation and a customised prescription especially for you! 

Or if you like, book a much-needed treatment now that our Bulimba and Vintage Spa has reopened. Or you can call or fill out our Stephanies digital WAIT LIST form for any one of our day spas. We are excited to announce Sofitel, Noosa and Clear Mountain will be open from the 13th June.  

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Client case study: Synergie Skin

Stephanies® is committed to providing expert advice to clients regarding their personal skin care requirements. By educating our clients we believe they become confident with a daily routine to achieve optimal results.  One of our clients recounts her experience.



I would like to offer some feedback on your staff at your Bulimba store.

I wanted to speak to a dermal therapist about establishing a skin regime for my wedding October and gain some information what I can do to manage my adult acne, as I currently don’t have one and I didn’t want to go back on prescription medications. Kat was my consultant.

She was amazing and very knowledgeable both about how the skin works and the skincare products – she knew exactly what products to give me and what will work for my skin. Her explanations on how to use the products was so simple and easy to follow – she was very empathetic to my concern and seemed genuinely interested in what I had to say. She didn’t push products on me but like i said she knew what would work.

It’s been 4 weeks and I can say my skin has felt the best it has in many years! I still get some outbreaks but the scarring or pigmentation is no where near as severe as it has been and I’m forever grateful for her advice. I know it will take sometime before I have healthy skin, but within a week of using the Synergie skincare products I already noticed a difference hydration and texture wise.

I just wanted to let you know that this is the second time I have gone to the Bulimba store and both times have been absolutely amazing!! The staff there are always friendly and lovely!

Kind regards,



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