5 Reasons to Cleanse Your Skin

Are you cleansing your skin correctly to get the best benefits? Why is cleansing important you ask?

 1.    Cleansers are made specifically for the face.

Cleansing milks are particularly gentle and suitable for most skin types.  They assist in removing all makeup, dirt, grime, and pollutions from the environment. Leaving your skin feeling clean, fresh and comfortable. Tip for our makeup lovers ~ We recommend double cleansing as the first cleanse will remove your makeup and the second cleanse is your TRUE SKIN Cleanse. Even if you are not wearing makeup you’re not out of the woods yet. During the day sweating, going out in traffic, or just sitting still, pollutants from the environment accumulate on your skin.

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2.   Eye Makeup Removers or Cleansers are formulated to work gently on the eye region.

Removing your eye makeup with the correct product will gently dissolve your mascara and eye makeup without harsh rubbing or dragging of this delicate area. The skin around the eyes is particularly thin and sensitive therefore we recommend using a product that has been created especially for this area of the face. It will eliminate makeup that is gentle and kinder on your eye contour area. If you use waterproof mascara, you will need an oil-based eye makeup remover. TIP: Nourish with an eye gel or cream 1-2 times daily. 

Thalgo Express Makeup Remover (125ml) $42.00

Thalgo Eveil A La Mer Express Make-Up Remover can be used on both the eyes and lips. Removes all traces of make-up, including waterproof. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

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3.    Refine skin and remove all trace elements of grime and pollutants.

Using a  cleansing toner or lotion will finalise the cleansing process.  In this stage of your cleansing routine, you will remove final traces of cleanser and rebalance the skin. Toning promotes enhanced penetration from your treatment serums and creams that are working actively to repair, hydrate and balance skin.

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4.    Ask yourself this?

Do you shampoo and condition your hair? Cleansing and toning for the face is the same 🙂

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5.    Your skin is your biggest organ.

So, don’t forget the skin on the rest of your body. It’s the flexible outer covering that acts as the barrier, protecting the body from harmful things in the outside world such as moisture, the cold and sun rays, as well as germs and toxic substances. It also helps with temperature regulation, immune defence, vitamin production, and sensation.  So use a mild cleanser or light soap for an all over body skin cleanse. Keep water temperature warm (not hot) ~ too hot has a drying effect.  For rough areas like our backs or bumps on bums, a cleansing exfoliant works a treat. Try our la Vie elixir Macadamia Scrub, followed up by la Vie elixir Lapis Crème for all over hydration.


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 Heather heads up our Vintage Spa and has over 20 years in the skincare industry. Her motto is simple:

 “You only have one skin. You can’t take it off and trade it in, so take care of it now!”
Heather Vintage Spa Manager and avid skincare lover


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Synergie Skin® is an Australian skincare company committed to creating high quality and active cosmeceuticals. All products are formulated by biological scientist and cosmetic chemist, Terri Vinson (BSC. Dip Ed. ASCC) and combines cutting edge scientific breatkthroughs with naturally derived ingredients to protect, change and nurture all skin. Based in Melbourne, Synergie Skin® is 100% Australian made and harnesses a ‘clean science®’ philosophy meaning that all Synergie Skin® products are formulated to be free from any questionable or harmful ingredients.



Turning back the clock on skin is all about the right skincare.

skinTerri Vinson is an Australian cosmetic chemist who is committed to cosmeceutical ingredient education and formulating products with a high level of biological activity and safety. Vinson believes that the products you apply to your skin daily are perhaps even more important for maintaining a youthful complexion than most major, one-off cosmetic procedures. Vinson is also the formulator of Synergie Skin and Synergie Mineral make-up.

Education is fundamental when it comes to making informed decisions on clinical grade skincare and cosmetic procedures, says Vinson. Skin specialists and clinicians must highlight the importance of high quality daily skincare. This is crucial to the long-term maintenance of ageing skin and to the longevity of cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

Your skin specialist or dermal clinician should be well trained in advising you on the best skin routine for your concerns and any cosmetic procedure you  may be considering. Just remember your ABC and sunscreen when it comes to deciding on your skin essentials.




You should not consider having a cosmetic procedure unless you are using active skincare ingredients and sun protection.

> Most of us require vitamin A for skin maintenance, increased cell turnover and collagen stimulation. It is preferable to use new retinol molecular as an active and stable from of vitamin A.
> Vitamin B (niacinamide) is also necessary for increasing skin immunity and deep hydration.
> Finally, vitamin C (in the form of L-ascorbic acid) is required for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, to reverse free radical damage to ageing cells.
> Zinc oxide is a natural mineral that provides broad spectrum protection. Zinc oxide is preferred by most skin professionals. You must also ensure that ingredients are stable and can reach the target cells in an active form where they can create the desired change. Often ingredients may be oxidised in the bottle before the product is even applied to the skin.An example is L-ascorbic acid, which turns brown due to oxidation when in a serum base.

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