Three ways to pamper your body this Spring

Pamper yourself in the midst of Spring with any one of Stephanies three luxe spa treatments. Stephanies Spring Blossom offers will leave you looking and feeling forever young. Each offer combines traditional European therapy’s with contemporary skin care techniques for relaxation, rejuvenation and beauty care. Your pampering begins as soon as you enter a Stephanies Spa, with aromatic candlelit spaces, gentle music flowing, to choosing a treatment designed to improve your skin and wellbeing.

Spring Spa

Book your pamper of choice today:

Spring Glow ~ $190 100mins (value $250)

• Rose Petal Foot Soak
• Lavender Foot Exfoliation
• Lavender Back Exfoliation
• Orange & Lavender Balm Massage
• Renew French Facial including Beauty Globe Massage
• Scalp Massage
• Spa Sorbet or Flower Tea Infusion & Chocolate

. . .

Spring Renewal ~ $180 100 mins (value $225)

• Rose Petal Foot Immersion
• Rose & Ginger Body Exfoliation
• Balancing Body Masque Wrapture
• Lapis Crème Body Hydration
• Spa Sorbet or Flower Tea Infusion & Chocolate

. . .

Spring Brow and Skin Couture $120 80mins (value $170)

• Eye Brow Sculpt
• Eyelash Tint
• Eye Brow Tint
• Hydrating Eye Patch Mask
• Petite Facial & Scalp Massage
• Spa Sorbet or Flower Tea Infusion & Chocolate

We look forward to pampering you and we encourage you to call our reservations team in advance. Spring and Summer spa treatments are extremely popular at our day spas.

Terms & Conditions: Spring Blossom spa offers expire 30th November 2017. Available all spa locations. Not to be used with any other offer or spa pass, bookings are essential. Spring Blossom offers are available as a gift card for 12 months from the date of purchase.

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Regular Spa treatments paving the way to better health in 2015

We are well into 2015, so how many of us have actioned our New Year’s resolutions to get fit, save more, and/or work smarter in 2015.



While most people kick off the new year with thoughts of a gym membership or similar – not everyone considers the tremendous health benefits of a good quality Day Spa membership to nurture not only the physical body but to also restore serenity and calm to the mind , spirit and soul.

At Stephanies® we understand the importance of regular spa treatments, specifically massage, to relax and rejuvenate the weary mind and body. Everyday stresses at home or work can lead to mental fatigue, poor sleep, anxiety and ill health. During massage, large amounts of endorphins are released into the bloodstream. This explains the lightheaded sense of well-being one succumbs to after a soothing treatment. Whilst massage also enhances circulation and promotes good sleep resulting in mental alertness, the positive benefits of endorphins on health are indisputable. Recent studies suggest that endorphins enhance the immune system, relieve pain, reduce stress and slow the aging process. Let’s face it, we could all do with a good dose of that!

With a Stephanies® 12 month Day Spa Membership we encourage you to de-stress, relax and renew through regular massage treatments. We are happy to tailor a packaged program that will suit you and fit in with your requirements. Make 2015 your year to get on top of your health, mentally, physically and spiritually with an exclusive Stephanies® Spa membership.

Stephanies® Exclusive Memberships!
To celebrate the modern spa ritual, we offer you our sanctuary for the senses. A destination for you to be calm and nurtured; departing rejuvenated and inspired. Experience our Signature Hand and Foot Rituals. Invigorate Body and Soul with an international array of massage or pamper your skin with advanced European skin treatments.

A luxurious gift to yourself or those you love, each visit creates a memory of serenity that you will long to repeat. With the skilled and perceptive touch of our therapists, simple sensory pleasures are invigorated, defining the experience of Stephanies®.
Stephanies® membership programs gives you the freedom to select any spa treatments from our Spa Menu. Every level of our programs have been topped up with extra monetary value for you to enjoy. These programs must be prepaid to take advantage of their exclusive membership incentives.

Four membership levels are available allowing you to choose the package that best suits your yearly beauty regime. Enjoy the perks of becoming a spa VIP today and secure an exclusive membership that’s right for you.

Rose Quartz Membership – $1,000 per year
• Enjoy $1,000 worth of spa treatments
• Plus a bonus $100 spa credit

Aquamarine Membership – $2,000 per year
• Enjoy $2,000 worth of spa treatments
• Plus a bonus $300 spa credit

Amethyst Membership – $3,000 per year
• Enjoy $3,000 worth of spa treatments
• Plus a bonus  $600 spa credit
• 10% off all skincare purchases

Diamond Membership SPA VIP – $5,000 per year
• Enjoy $5,000 worth of spa treatments
• Plus a bonus $1,000 spa credit
• 10% off Stephanies Spa Cuisine orders
• 10% off all skincare purchases

Purchase a Stephanies® Spa Membership before 31 March 2015 and receive a FREE Steam Therapy lounge session (valued at $79 for one person, 60 minutes).
Call us to discuss your needs. Spa memberships also make wonderful gifts for loved ones, reminding the recipient how much you care all year round.

Conditions Apply

  • Membership to be used within one year of purchasing date
  • Membership acceptance agreement must be signedMembership programs must be prepaid in full
  • Membership may be put on hold for maximum of three months within the twelve month period
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, gift voucher or rewards program
  • Can be used between all Stephanies Luxury Spa destinations
  • Stephanies cancellation policy applies for all bookings
  • Stephanies memberships are not transferable to another party, or redeemable for cash
  • Membership dollars are redeemable for spa treatment bookings only and exclude spa boutique and spa cuisine purchases

When activating a membership at Stephanies please make time to come in and discuss all terms conditions and benefits of being a Spa Member.

For further enquiries please email or telephone 1300 DAY SPA (329 772).

The art of meditation

meditationin this chaotic world filled with work, friends and family it can be difficult to find the time tune in to nothingness and let go but the health benefits of meditation are well documented. Research has shown that even a few minutes of meditation daily can alleviate depression and anxiety, reduce blood pressure and stroke risk and reduce pain. Meditation helps to reduce the activity of part of the brain called the amygdala, which governs feelings of stress.
Here are some tips to master the art of meditation…

Commit to quiet

Even if it’s only for a few minutes, try to dedicate time every day for meditation. Force yourself and before long it’ll become a pleasant interlude to your crazy busy day.

Set the mood

Try to ensure you meditate in a peaceful environment free of noise and distractions. Light a stick of sandalwood incense and use a candle as your point of focus. The flickering flame can be a powerful point of focus for a beginner.


Sitting cross legged in a yogi pose might not be for you. Try lying down, sitting in a comfy chair. Experiment with your eyes open and closed. You’ll soon find the right position for you.

Time yourself

If you set a gentle alarm you won’t spend your whole session fretting about how much time has passed. Try to select a relaxing tone so you  don’t undo all your relaxation.

Learn to breathe

Breathing deeply slows the heart rate, relaxes the muscles and focuses the mind. Start with a few slow, deep breaths – inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. As your breathing becomes deeper and slower, focus your attention on every breath. If your mind wanders, bring your attention back to your breath. Try to make your exhalations longer than your inhalations.

Don’t give up

It’s perfectly normal to experience “mind clutter” while meditating.  In any one thirty-minute session of meditation we may have upward of three hundred thoughts.  The advice – if you can’t clear your mind, don’t sweat it.