LED Light Therapy : Clinically proven anti-ageing skin treatment

LED Light Therapy is an advanced clinically proven anti-ageing skin treatment that stimulates cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin and promotes greater absorption of serums.  Stephanies® Urban Spa and Stephanies® Vintage Spa are proud to offer clients the “Lightstim” LED Light Therapy system from the USA which is a leader in the industry supplying this equipment to Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists. Aestheticians and other licensed skincare and wellness professionals.

Light Stim for Wrinkles


How does it work:

Just as plants absorb and convert sunlight into cellular building blocks skin absorbs therapeutic light and uses it as a source of energy to stimulate cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin, reduce inflammation and speed healing.  This very relaxing and soothing treatment stimulates the lower layers of the skin where the collagen and elastin start to deplete at the age of 25 and naturally continues to deplete as we further age.

led info

Light first how does light stim work

What are the Benefits of LED “Lightstim” Light Therapy?

  • Suitable for all skin types and conditions
  • Dramatically enhances product penetration and efficacy
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation and superficial reddening of the skin
  • Minimises pore size while tightening and toning the skin
  • Enhances results of skin’s texture and tone
  • Creates and promotes radiant, youthful skin
  • Relaxing and non-invasive treatment

LED Treatments available in spas

> LED LightStim Therapy 50 mins $120
> Add on LED LightStim Therapy to any skin therapy ~  20 mins $59

Continue your anti-ageing journey with your own LED Lightstim device!

Lightstim LED Light Therapy is the most effective and affordable home use device for achieving healthy and youthful skin.  It is soothing, painless, and can be used on all skin types to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  In just minutes a day you can firm and tone aged or tired skin, reduce the appearance of pore size, smooth texture, increase elasticity and recapture your radiant glow.

LED Light Stim at home

How does it work: Lightstim for wrinkles penetrates the epidermis layer of the skin stimulating your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin. This increased volume of collagen and elastin plumps up the dermis layer gradually pushing out lines and wrinkles.

How to use:

  • Cleanse and dry your skin and for best results apply your complimentary Lightstim Collagen Peptide Serum/Edible Beauty’s ‘Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum’ to the areas you will be treating.
  • Turn the light on and place it gently touching your skin and hold it in that location for three minutes.
  • Then, move it to the next targeted location and hold it there for three minutes, and continue this process until you have addressed all desired areas.
  • For best results, do this at least five days a week.

Purchase at Stephanies® spa locations: Bulimba, Cleveland, Brisbane City.
Call 1300 329 772 for available stocks.


Call us today and we would love to help you select a treatment plan to suit your anti ageing routine.

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Banish Winter Skin with Rejuvenation Revivers from Stephanies Luxury Spas

Still feeling the pinch of winter – Stephanies® is here to help, with the ultimate winter menu to restore, rejuvenate, and revive your skin! Banish your winter skin woes this August with rejuvenation month at Stephanies® Luxury spas.


Repair and revive your winter skin with Stephanies® Synergie Peel Treatment, on offer this month for only $105. Our signature Medispa Skin Peels are the perfect way to banish your dry winter skin, combining contemporary cosmeceutical skincare science with advanced aesthetic technology techniques,  to deeply exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.  Depending on your skin type Synergy has a peel specific for acne prone, pigmentation, and fine lines.

PEELS FOR THOSE WITH ACNE: If you suffer from acne, a treatment with lactic acid will remove the top dead layer of cells and salicylic acid (BHA) penetrates the follicles to help unblock pores, reduce inflamed skin and remove trapped oil and dead cells.

PEELS TO COMBAT SURFACE PIGMENTATION: If your main concern is pigmentation and sunspots, AHA’s help to lift surface cells which hold the uneven surface pigmentation.

PEELS TO TACKLE FINE LINES: Those with fine lines and rough surface texture will find that a series of AHA peels (30% to 60%) will reduce the appearance of fine surface lines. This is because exfoliation causes the skin to regenerate new cells more efficiently and remove rough surface cells. Additionally, the lactic acid improves surface hydration and smoothes the rough dry surface.


For the ultimate winter skin revival treat yourself to Stephanies® Body Masque Ritual, on offer this month for only $105! This indulgent body therapy includes Skin Brushing, a balancing Body Masque, Shower, and invigorating Lapis Crème Hydration.

Stephanies has a range of winter skin solutions  perfect for preventing dry weather wear. A Hot Stone Crystal Massage might be the experience you are after for total winter healing. Begin with a rose petal foot immersion, foot exfoliation and skin brushing, before melting away with a soothing volcanic Basalt stone massage, to release aches and dissolve stress. Finish with a calming Crystal Chakra Balancing to restore energy and balance to mind, body and soul.

Alternatively, banish winter toxins with purifying effects of Stephanies® Vintage Spa Detox Sunlight Sauna. The infrared detoxification sauna is the perfect stimulus to your bodies’ metabolism, promoting wellness and recovery after the harsh winter months.  If you can’t go past a sweaty hot winter detox Stephanies exquisite steam rooms can booked at Stephanies Spa Retreat or Mountain Spa, where you can pair with a friend or partner.


Need more of what you love for home! Take advantage of our Synergie Skin gift with purchase. Spend over $200 on Synergie Skin during August and receive a free 10ml Vit B Serum plus a voucher for a half price Luminessence Medi Facial.  A powerful infusion facial full of biological actives and vitamins to provide luminosity to dull lifeless skin. Galvanic technology is used to infuse active ingredients into the deeper layers and is followed by a facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate your skin.


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Chill out in luxury with Stephanies cool rejuvenation month offers

It’s rejuvenation month at Stephanies® Luxury Spas, and we want to equip you with the ultimate beauty tips to keep your skin looking fresh this winter! Yes spa-goers, it’s time to emerge from hibernation, throw off the winter woolies and treat your skin to some well-deserved R& R.

Enhance your winter routine with Synergie Skin and take advantage while it’s gift time! Spend over $200 on Synergie Skin during August and receive a free 10ml Vit B Serum plus a voucher for a half price Luminessence Medi Facial.  A powerful infusion facial full of biological actives and vitamins to provide luminosity to dull lifeless skin. Galvanic technology is used to infuse active ingredients into the deeper layers and is followed by a facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate your skin.

Straight from Synergie skin are some take home tips on how to keep your skin restored and rejuvenated through the final weeks of winter…

rejuvenateProtect yourself from UV

Don’t be fooled by the cloud cover – UV rays are capable of causing serious skin damage all year round. Even though it may not feel like you are ‘burning’, UV rays can penetrate through clouds and glass, and may have permanently damaging effects on your skin. The best way to put your mind at ease is to always wear “broad spectrum sun protection moisturiser or mineral makeup. Preferable choose a product with a minimum of 20% zinc oxide to give optimal UV protection during the day.”


Extreme winter weather, air conditioning and brisk winds can leave your skin dry, cracked and flaky. “It is really important to use serums and moisturisers with high levels of hydrators such as hyaluronic acid” to ensure your skin stays hydrated all day long.

It is also essential to match your moisturizer to your skin type. “Hydrogel for oily skin and enlarged pores, Reclaim for ageing skin, Dermacalm for sensitive and irritated skin and Hydrolock for very dry skin”

But don’t stop there! It is also essential to keep up your fluid intake to ensure your body is consistently hydrated throughout the winter months. Hydration is not only essential for survival, but also improves skin health and boosts your metabolism . “If you can’t handle glasses of cold water in winter, opt for natural herbal teas or warm lemon and ginger infusions.”


Don’t put away those body scrubs just yet. Although the cooler weather means skin cell production occurs at a slower rate, gentle exfoliation is still necessary to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh through winter. To ensure the best results “remember not to excessively exfoliate or overuse harsh scrubs”, limiting exfoliation to twice a week.

Tend to your Dry Hands and Feet

As we all know, “hands and feet really show the signs of winter dryness”. To avoid that dreaded ‘cracked winter look’ Synergie recommends the use of exfoliators, concentrated moisturisers, and overnight foot masks. To achieve perfectly smooth hands and feet  “exfoliate hands and feet with Mediscrub and follow with the generous application of Synergie Occlusiderm. Wear thin cotton socks and cotton gloves to bed and wake up with baby soft hands and feet. You can repeat this treatment for seven days for total rejuvenation”.

In combination with a regular winter beauty routine, Stephanies® has three perfect winter time offers to leave you feeling rejuvenated, radiant, and revived.

rejuvenateWinter rejuvenation offers:

  1. Winter Wonder Peel
    Synergie Peel Treatment one time special offer. Designed to reduce the appearance of irregularities on the skin’s surface and reveal a smooth, revitalized texture through regenerating and resurfacing the skin.
    Time: 40 minutes
    Cost: $105 (saving $35/treatment)
  2. Chill Peel Multi
    Synergie Peel Series offer only $400! Book one a week for four weeks – brilliant results. Eliminate your tired winter skin, help to stimulate collagen remodelling, reduce tonal discolouration, improve skin texture and hydration, reduce congestion and improve the overall appearance of the skin.
    Time: 40 minutes x 4
    Cost: $400 (saving $140)
  3. Winter Restore Masque
    Skin Brushing | Body Masque | Shower | Lapis Crème Hydration
    Lay back and enjoy an invigorating dry skin brushing followed by one of our signature body masques depending on your skins condition. Enjoy a warm application of Stephanies® Balancing Body Masque to cleanse and balance; or our cooling botanical mix of organic Aloe Vera and Green Tea Gel masque to soothe, hydrate and repair. Awaken with a beautiful application of our semi precious Lapis Crème leaving your body feeling lovingly hydrated. Finish with Herbal Tea Infusion and chocolates in our tranquillity lounge.
    Time: 60 minutes
    Cost: $105 (saving up to $58)

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