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Water therapy – Stephanies Ocean Spa featured in Latte Magazine

Stephanies Ocean Spa

Who would have thought water and salt was all you needed for a great day spa treatment? I discovered this powerful combination on a visit to Stephanies Ocean Spa in Noosa where they offer two signature water treatments: mineral flotation colour therapy and Spirit of Wailele rain therapy.

The mineral flotation together with the colour therapy (as different coloured lights shine continuously into the pool) claims to help relieve stress, body aches and pains. Heated to a comfortable 35-­degrees, the water contains a dense mineral and salt solution that means your body has absolutely no choice but to float freely. This is a very weird sensation at first as you defy gravity – picture astronauts somersaulting in space and that’s what happens if you try to stand or sink to the bottom of the pool.

Despite the weird sensation and failed attempts to stand, I started to enjoy floating naked and effortlessly in the 1.5 x 4 metre long pool. It’s a far cry from the coffin-like enclosed flotation tanks, which I never embraced.

As I gave myself over to this new sensation something must have switched inside without me realising because, before I knew it, the hour was up, my mind was still and I was surprised at just how relaxed I felt.

Hawaiian for “waterfall”, the Wailele rain therapy was my next 90-­minute journey into H2O bliss. It takes place in the spa’s Vichy suite, which features a stunning shower bed carved out of cedar in the shape of a mangrove tree leaf, inspired by the mangrove trees found in the wetlands of Noosa.

Starting with a hair and scalp treatment and massage I realised the simple pleasure of having someone else wash your hair. Calming and soothing attention was then focused on my face as a hydration mask was applied followed by a dry body brush and sea salt exfoliation.

For what seemed like ages, invigorating streams of warm water cascaded over me just like a waterfall as the therapist performed water and warm stone massage techniques. Between the soothing strokes of the therapist and sensation of the water, I felt simply and completely pampered. As I left the spa, I promised myself I would get into the habit of having long baths at home much more often.