Banish Winter Skin with Rejuvenation Revivers from Stephanies Luxury Spas

Still feeling the pinch of winter – Stephanies® is here to help, with the ultimate winter menu to restore, rejuvenate, and revive your skin! Banish your winter skin woes this August with rejuvenation month at Stephanies® Luxury spas.


Repair and revive your winter skin with Stephanies® Synergie Peel Treatment, on offer this month for only $105. Our signature Medispa Skin Peels are the perfect way to banish your dry winter skin, combining contemporary cosmeceutical skincare science with advanced aesthetic technology techniques,  to deeply exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.  Depending on your skin type Synergy has a peel specific for acne prone, pigmentation, and fine lines.

PEELS FOR THOSE WITH ACNE: If you suffer from acne, a treatment with lactic acid will remove the top dead layer of cells and salicylic acid (BHA) penetrates the follicles to help unblock pores, reduce inflamed skin and remove trapped oil and dead cells.

PEELS TO COMBAT SURFACE PIGMENTATION: If your main concern is pigmentation and sunspots, AHA’s help to lift surface cells which hold the uneven surface pigmentation.

PEELS TO TACKLE FINE LINES: Those with fine lines and rough surface texture will find that a series of AHA peels (30% to 60%) will reduce the appearance of fine surface lines. This is because exfoliation causes the skin to regenerate new cells more efficiently and remove rough surface cells. Additionally, the lactic acid improves surface hydration and smoothes the rough dry surface.


For the ultimate winter skin revival treat yourself to Stephanies® Body Masque Ritual, on offer this month for only $105! This indulgent body therapy includes Skin Brushing, a balancing Body Masque, Shower, and invigorating Lapis Crème Hydration.

Stephanies has a range of winter skin solutions  perfect for preventing dry weather wear. A Hot Stone Crystal Massage might be the experience you are after for total winter healing. Begin with a rose petal foot immersion, foot exfoliation and skin brushing, before melting away with a soothing volcanic Basalt stone massage, to release aches and dissolve stress. Finish with a calming Crystal Chakra Balancing to restore energy and balance to mind, body and soul.

Alternatively, banish winter toxins with purifying effects of Stephanies® Vintage Spa Detox Sunlight Sauna. The infrared detoxification sauna is the perfect stimulus to your bodies’ metabolism, promoting wellness and recovery after the harsh winter months.  If you can’t go past a sweaty hot winter detox Stephanies exquisite steam rooms can booked at Stephanies Spa Retreat or Mountain Spa, where you can pair with a friend or partner.


Need more of what you love for home! Take advantage of our Synergie Skin gift with purchase. Spend over $200 on Synergie Skin during August and receive a free 10ml Vit B Serum plus a voucher for a half price Luminessence Medi Facial.  A powerful infusion facial full of biological actives and vitamins to provide luminosity to dull lifeless skin. Galvanic technology is used to infuse active ingredients into the deeper layers and is followed by a facial massage to hydrate, repair and invigorate your skin.


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