11 Reasons to choose a Medi Skin Membership

Why choose Stephanies Medi Skin Membership?

1. $135 Synergie Skin Starter pack absolutely FREE!
2. $50 product bonus to put towards your home skin solution program.
3. You and your therapist will select six skin therapy sessions to suit your skin from our Medi Spa menu (refer below).
4. FREE! Bonus LED booster treatment ~ experience immediate results with a complimentary LED light therapy session. Bursts of LED ligtht boosts collagen, complete anti-ageing treatment.
Results Driven. Fabulous Skin. Membership Bonuses.


5. It’s results-driven ~ we provide you with specialised skin care techniques, products and exceptional service.
6. Become a part of our Loyalty My Spa Rewards program and continue to earn points.
7. Get fabulous looking skin.
8. Get the latest skin care info from professionals and exposure to the best skincare, makeup and body collections in our spas. We provide the ultimate products so you don’t need to do the research.
9. Tailored skin regime ~ free skin analysis and consultation with your Therapist. You’ll get the best skin treatments to achieve results you want.
10. Expert therapists ~ our therapists are all Diploma Qualified and we have our own professional development to keep their skills and skincare knowledge right up to date.
11. Access to our in spa medical doctor for medical rejuvenation procedures including Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, Anti-Wrinkle Injections, Face Rejuvenation using Fillers and more.

Your Medi Skin Membership gets you a complimentary skin solution analysis, free bonus LED booster treatment and a complimentary consultation with our in spa Medical Doctor regarding anti-age injectable treatments (optional).


Receive one treatment fortnightly – select 6 skin therapy sessions from the skin therapy menu below. Your skin clinician will assist you in choosing “YOUR” best mix of treatments.


Value packed skin therapy menu


  • 30min Professional Peel

    Valued $130 per session Power Cleanse | Pro Peel | Finishing Serum & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 50min LED Lightstim Intense Therapy

    Valued $130 per session Power Cleanse | 30min LED | Finishing Serum & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 40min Express Facial

    Valued up to $110 per session Power Cleanse | Exfoliation | Steam | Extractions Optional | Classic Mask | Finishing Serums & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 50min Power Treatment Microdermabrasion & LED Light Therapy

    Valued at $140 per session Power Cleanse | 20mins Microdermabrasion | 20mins LED | Finishing Serums & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 40min iBeauty Hydration Boost

    Valued at $115 per session Power Cleanse | Hydration iBeauty | Classic Mask | Finishing Serums & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 40min Anti-Age iBeauty Boost

    Valued at $115 per session Power Cleanse | Anti-Age iBeauty | Classic Mask | Finishing Serums & Creams | Sunscreen

  • 30mins Purity Boost iBeauty

    Valued at $105 per session Power Cleanse | Purity iBeauty | Classic Mask | Finishing Serums & Creams | Sunscreen

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As a one-time special, we are giving you A SYNERGIE SKIN ANTI-AGE STARTER PACK (value of $135) when you purchase our $650 MEDI SKIN MEMBERSHIP.
This ultimate skin regime is our Medi Skin Membership valued at $1000!  For $650 you receive an initial consultation with one of our expert therapists, including six appointments, your home skincare starter pack and routine. And access to My Spa Rewards program.

Top 4 Must-Have Skin Care Products for the Winter Months

Winter has finally given us something to complain about in Australia. It’s freezing in the mornings when we first wake up, with beautiful clear days during the day and cooler later in the evenings. Winter time we all try to find that warm spot in the sun and cuddle up on the couch with a blanket next to a warm fire or heater.

Winter Tips for Your Skincare

In the winter months, the temperature drops and we experience low humidity, cold winds, hot showers and using heaters more often which dry the skin out leaving it more prone to flaking, dry patches, and itchiness. Skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis are more prone to flare up as well.

The change of season can cause different skin conditions and the skin is more prone to redness, breakouts, dry patches and dullness.

It’s always a good idea to switch up your skin care routine in winter and add in some extra products to your routine to prevent any of these skin conditions.

Regular facials in winter will also help give your skin that little bit extra nourishment and hydration. Our favourites are microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy and a series of peels are perfect for this time of year.

We love helping you achieve amazing results for your skin at home so the Stephanies Team has come up with 4 Winter must-haves that you can include into your normal skin care routine to give you the best results this winter. All 4 of these products are from CEO’s Stephanie Shepherd’s Bathroom.

Synergie Skin Dermiotic and Vitamin B

Synergie Skin Vitamin B

Vitamin B also known as Niacinamide is a vital ingredient for the skin and suitable for all skin types. Synergie Skin’s Vitamin B serum is packed full of Vitamin B3 and B5 and can be used morning and evening after using a gentle cleanser and before applying your moisturiser.

There are many benefits to using Vitamin B every day in your skincare routine that will make you want to use this vitamin all year round.

The Benefits:
-Strengthens the skin barrier
-Hydrates the skin by preventing transdermal water loss
-Prevents pigmentation from forming
-Is anti-inflammatory and very healing for breakouts
-Reduces redness in the skin
-Regulates oil flow
-Refines wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating collagen in the skin

More information online or purchase in one of our spa locations.

Synergie Skin Dermiotic

Synergie Skin has launched a new product just in time for Winter which is Dermiotic. We all know about probiotics and how important gut health is. Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the gut microbiome, but microbiomes also exist on the skin. The microbiome is part of helping the skin function properly from wound healing to immune skin protection.

The Dermiotic is a lightweight elixir enriched with pre and probiotics. The elixir is to be used as a substitute to a traditional toner. After cleansing your skin, apply 3-4 drops into your palm and gently pat into the face and neck. Apply your serums and moisturisers a few minutes after.

The Benefits:
-Suitable for all skin types
-Restores skin barrier
-Enhances blood flow and oxygen to the skin
-Prevents skin inflammation by aggressors
-Reduces redness and irritation such as dry itchy skin
-Brightens and reduces dullness in the skin
-Reduces transdermal water loss and dermal damage to collagen fibres
-Skin is hydrated, firmer and stronger.

More information online or purchase in one of our spa locations.

Payot Lip Balm and
Payot Hydra 24+ Essence

A new skincare product to Payot’s Hydra 24+ Range is the Hydra 24+ Essence. Now you’re probably thinking what is an essence and why do I need it? Using an essence in your skin care routine will allow your serums and moisturisers to penetrate to those deeper layers of the skin, meaning you will use less product and get amazing results.

After cleansing the skin, apply the essence all over the face and neck followed by your day or night cream. The essence can also be massaged into the eye area followed by applying your favourite eye cream.

The Benefits:
-Protects the skin again external aggressors
-Hydrates the skin by saturating skin cells
-Allows your serums and moisturisers to infuse deeper
-Less product usage of your serum and moisturisers
-Full with sodium hyaluronate which is a smaller molecule size of hyaluronic acid which can penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin
-Plumps the skin

Top Tip: keep the essence in your fridge for an ice-cube effect.

Buy online or in one of our spa locations.

Payot Hydra 24+ Levres
We all need a good lip balm in winter and Payot’s hydra 24+ Levres is perfect for those chapped lips. We love to think of this product as a lip treatment, not just a lip balm because it treats the dryness lips. After applying this lip balm your lips begin to heal, restore hydration, and the lips are protected.

This Lip Balm is enriched with shea butter and borage oil apply this lip treatment as often as you like.

The Benefits:
-Restores lips moisture levels
-Soothes and protects the skin
-Absorbs quickly
-Allergen-Free and safe for sensitive lips

Buy online or in one of our spa locations here.

Top winter skincare and body tips you can do at home

1. Drink lots of water (yes I know we hear this all the time but repetition is key when it comes to drinking the good ‘ol’ H2O. Eat wholesome soups and drink warm teas to keep your body temp up.

2. Overly hot showers and washing your face with hot water are tempting but are drying on the skin. Switch between hot and warm while wallowing in the steamy goodness.

3. Foaming facial cleansers are fab, however, milk cleansers and creams are more nourishing avoiding the loss of important natural oils our skin naturally makes.

4. Apply Lip Balm daily – our lips are more prone to cracking and dryness with cold weather, using a lip balm daily will keep your lips protected and supple.

5. Your winter skin needs a little more of a boost in so include a face serum and mask into your skin routine! Those vitamin serums in your routine and a sleep mask will do your skin a world of good.

6. Gently exfoliate face and body (yes body) once to twice a week to remove dead skin cells, brighten the skin and allows your moisturisers to penetrate properly into the skin.

7. A night rich moisturiser. If you find your skin is drier in the winter use your summer moisturiser during the day, and changeup for a richer moisturiser at night. Thank you!

8. Hands are prone to dryness in the cooler months. Dry winter weather plus washing them quite often leads to eczema or dry spots. So, use a hand cream, and cuticle oil on your cuticles to keep everything nourished. Remember hand cream and cuticle oil.

9. Body Moisturiser is a no-brainer ~ just ensure you have a permanent supply of la Vie elixirs Lapis Body Creme (contains real lapis lazuli, say no more).

10. Wear Sunscreen daily! Even when it is cloudy or cold UVA rays still penetrate through the skin into our dermal layer causing premature ageing. Opt for a chemical-free sunscreen if you don’t like sunscreen, zinc oxide is amazing for the skin being inflammatory, healing and protecting from UV damage.

Stacey (Manager, Stephanies Urban Spa Bulimba) Top Product Pics for Winter Skin:

Synergie Hydrolock – an intense night hydration to nourish and protect dry, ageing skins. Rich and emollient but nongreasy.
 Key ingredients: Squalene, Organic Honey, Jasmine Flower Extract and Oat Beta Glucan.
 RRP: $115

Payot Nutricia Crème Comfort – Nourishing and Restructuring Cream – It’s smooth, creamy texture is suitable for dry skins to restore the barrier while protecting the skin against external aggression. Nongreasy film.
Key ingredients: Shea Butter, Raspberry Seed Oil, Meadowfoam & Sweet Almond Oil
. RRP: $140 > Buy online


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Maximise your cleansing routine, Expert Beauty Tips from Stephanies® Luxury Spas

Cleansing is critical in the eyes of a beauty therapist and it’s no lie that it does take a little effort; there is thus far no downloadable APP for face cleansing!

A good facial cleanse will freshen, hydrate and prepare you for the day ahead or a good night sleep in bed. The long-term effect of leaving makeup or grime from the day over night on your skin means impurities are left on skin and leads to oily, problematic skin and premature ageing due to the breakdown of collagen caused by the pollutants left on your skin. So with a few beauty tips and the correct cleansing products that suit you and your skin type your NEW CLEANSING routine begins now. 

Stephanies® therapists suggest the following:


1. Get organised and keep clean soft washers handy as well as cotton rounds.  Get educated and choose a cleanser and freshener that suit both your skin type and your lifestyle.

2. Keep your cleanser in the shower. As soap on face is a no go zone.  Reach for your cleanser, apply, massage all over face and neck, rinse, repeat.

3. If a shower is out of the question, apply your favourite cleanser with a cotton round or with clean hands in massaging movements and remove with warm clean wet washer.

4. Freshener time. Pat dry your face and neck, apply freshener to cotton round to refresh and hydrate your clean skin.  A travel size spray freshener is also a  good way to spritz on face, neck and décolletage during the day to maintain hydration.

5. Moisturise.  Gently press a pea size amount of suitable  moisturiser with fingertips to work all those good ingredients that hydrate and protect  the skin. Concentrate on cheeks, temples and forehead in gentle sweeping upward movements.  Not only gets blood moving to these cells to improve complexion but self massage is a wonderful way to get those neuron’s firing too.


If you find your still reaching out for that liquid soap for a quick face freshen please, please, please, STOP!  Stephanies® carry professional skincare options, quality cleansing products  and skin care solutions to take care of your individuals skin type and concerns.

In spa now MY BEAUTY ROUTINE  Thalgo Cleansers collection features products enriched with vitamins and sea minerals sourced from the cleanest oceans and are designed to give you a truly radiant, clean complexion. Feel fresh, vibrant and skin-clean throughout the Summer months!

We have introduced great value cleanser and toner duo packs for our Thalgo lovers. Receive a 400ml product for the same price at the regular 250ml size. Our NEW Limited Editions – while stocks last.

Limited Edition Thalgo MAXI DUO Up size Packs are available throughout Stephanies® locations now.

Thalgo Maxi Duos

Cleansing Duo YOUTHFUL – Suitable for all skin types and mature skins. RRP $122

Cleansing Duo COMFORT – Suitable for dry, sensitive skins. RRP $118

Cleansing Duo FRESHNESS – Suitable for normal, combination, oily skins. RRP $118

Stephanies® also stock Payot, like Thalgo it’s made in France and delivers a high end range of facial care. The DEMAQUILLANTE  packs are a supersize 400ml  cleanser & toner duo in D’tox and Fraicheur, priced at $115. 

Payot Maxi Duos

DUO DÉMAQUILLANT D’TOX – Suitable for normal, combination or oily skins. On contact with water, Gel Démaquillant D’Tox Cleanser transforms into a rich cleansing foam to clean normal, combination to oily skins, who may also be prone to blemishes and shine.
It is easy to rinse and assists in removing excess sebum, impurities and pollutants with grapefruit extracts. Lotion Tonique Fraicheur is the essential partner to Payot’s cleansers, it freshens and energises the skin with pineapple and cranberry extracts to gently exfoliate and condition the skin.

 DUO DÉMAQUILLANT INTENSE – Suitable for all skin types. Lait Démaquillant Fraîcheur Cleanser removes makeup, impurities and helps maintain moisture levels perfectly. Its silky milk texture, is enriched with cranberry extracts, jojoba seed oil and shea butter for a pleasant feeling of softness, suppleness and all-round freshness. Follow your cleansing journey with Lotion Tonique Fraicheur to condition, hydrate and gently exfoliate the skin with antioxidants and vitamins from pineapple and cranberry extracts.

Enticing and a great way to try Payot if you haven’t used before, depending on your skin care needs of course.  Having tried Payot or not a must have for those wishing to start or expand their cleansing kit is Payot’s Pre Cleansing Oil. When asked, both Stephanie (CEO and Owner) and Heather (Spa Manager) in tandem exclaimed; “I love it”.  This cleansing oil can be incorporated into any skin care program with the ability to remove stubborn waterproof makeup and daily impurities.

Stephanies proudly stocks Australian Made – Synergie Skin, developed by chemist Terri Venison and is Australia’s go to cosmeceutical skin care brand and is no fad.  All product ingredients are clinically verified with clinical data and supported by science. 

Terri’s tips on cleansing:

  1. Cleanse daily and apply skin serums, particularly Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin B (niacinamide) and Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid). These cosmeceuticals are essential for maintaining ageing skin.
  2. Extend your daily and evening treatment moisturiser to your neck. Products like Synergie Skin Reclaim have ingredients designed to firm and promote collagen production
  3. Apply your daily sun protection or UV protective mineral makeup. Mineral sun protection using zinc oxide is preferable over chemical sunscreens.
  4. Do not sleep with your head elevated on high pillows as this can contribute to the appearance of a slack jawline

Terri is truly passionate about wellbeing and life, and cleansing the body in its entireity as a way of life. Great mantra to live by we think!

Embark on your cleansing routine with a positive attitude and smile. If you are wanting to make a change to your routine call Stephanies® today for a free 20 minute consult, available all spa locations (Brisbane City, Bulimba, Cleveland, Noosa, Clear Mountain).

1300 DAY SPA (329 772) or reservations@stephanies.com.au

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