25 Years in Business Celebrations

My Mum Joyce Has Influenced & Guided My Career

It takes something special for a business to keep its doors open for multiple decades! This week, as Stephanies Luxury Spas celebrates 25 devoted years of being in business, we take a look at some of the specialness that has made this Company such a success.

25th Birthday Spa Blog

I am an entrepreneur, and that means I look at the impossible and think I can do it. But I’m astute enough to know I can’t do it on my own. The idea that anyone can do it on their own is self-indulgent and untrue.

Through the years, I’ve had hundreds of employees that have worked here making Stephanies what it is today. This clearly shows that we’ve all contributed to the building of this Company, piece by piece, year by year, until it stands before you now – 25 years strong – a beautiful, caring organisation made from the efforts of good people working toward a common purpose to care for, and delight our guests.

To kick off our 25th Birthday blogs, and with Mother’s Day just passed, I really want to acknowledge my Mother, Joyce, who has influenced and guided my career, my life, like no other. Before I share the life values my parents instilled in me, I’d like to celebrate just a snippet of Mum’s life.

Growing up in the isolation of Broken Hill, my Mum wanted to be an Air Hostess and needed to do nursing however her parents wouldn’t allow that, so her determination and drive saw her do a St. Johns ‘home nursing’ course, a male orientated course for the town miners. During the course, Mum met the instructor Len, fell in love, married shortly after and their amazing 50 year journey began. My parents were trailblazers; they did things that were unheard of then. On a holiday to Coolangatta, they spent a couple of days in Sydney where they were to buy furniture, instead they bought two tickets to South Africa which ended up being a three year working holiday and cementing their love of travel.

Back in Broken Hill with a young family, Mum tackled all challenges head on, illnesses, changing times and the realisation that if anything happened to the household income, she wouldn’t be able to support the kids. So, she studied, succeeded and began her teaching career at night school. Totally dedicated – mum raised a family, managed a household, worked fulltime at night, studied and achieved a degree, adored her husband and ensured I knew my times tables!

ABOVE: Joyce and Stephanie as a baby and; right with brother Greg.

My Mother taught me early on how to work hard, have exemplary work ethics – if you want for something, you work for it. She inspired me to fight and to reach for the sky, but most importantly she inspired me to work tirelessly and never give up! Life values of trust, loyalty, respect, truth and determination have been ingrained into my life and as I reflect on 25 years in business, I am absolutely positive, and thankful, my business successes stem from Mum’s influences, guidance and values.

Passion, resilience and goodwill. Mum always showed passion and drive in any project she took on, big or small. Having a strong, driven, multi-talented woman by my side has shaped me in so many ways and I am so grateful.

My Mum is a genuinely kind human being. She’s always there for me when I need a listening ear or sound advice when it comes to my personal life or professional career. It could be 5am and she’s ready to listen. She pushes me to succeed, elevates me to reach my goals and paints a vivid and tangible picture of success in my mind.

Stephanie and Joyce today

ABOVE: Joyce and Stephanie today!

I have been, and continue to be very blessed to have had the counsel and direction from this inspirational woman I am so proud to call Mum.



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Stephanies Mother’s Day Offers 2019

Just stop! Take a minute to think about Mum!…

Stephanies Mother’s Day Offers 2019

A Mother is your first friend, your best friend, your forever friend!  May is a time we get many reminders to pause and take time to acknowledge the contributions of Mothers to our lives.

Please, just stop for a minute and think about absolutely everything and every way your Mum has contributed to your life.

We are thrilled to present our exceptional 2019 Mother’s Day Offers and Memberships; all are perfect to pay tribute to your Mum or ‘your someone’ to be recognised on Mother’s Day.

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a Mother” if those words don’t stop you, nothing will!  Get that “I’m organised and thankful” feeling and purchase your Mum’s Stephanies Package or Stephanies Gift Card now, or if you’re running late, never forget our ecards online.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day at Stephanies Mountain Spa

Balance Mother’s Day Offer

1hr 10mins | $175 (valued at $199)

• Express Facial
• Feet Revival Massage
• Herbal Tea Infusion & Spa Treat

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Calm Mother’s Day Offer

2hrs | $279 (valued at $318)

• Rose Petal Foot Soak
• Nurturing Body Massage
• Parisian High-Performance Facial
• Herbal Tea Infusion & Spa Treat

Email a booking

Heavenly Mother’s Day Offer

2hrs 30mins | $349 (valued at $445)

• Foot Scrub & Infusion
• Dry Body Brush, Coconut Compress Massage combining Coconut Herbal Balls
• Warm Beaute Balm Wrap
• Classical Facial & Scalp Massage
• Herbal Tea Infusion & Spa Treat

Email a booking

Mother’s Day Spa Offers are valid until 31st May 2019. Not to be used with any other offer or Spa Pass.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we have all the inspiration you need to make this Mother’s Day extra special for your mum.

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Mother’s Day promotions are available to be enjoyed until 30th June 2019. Cannot be used with any other spa offer, discount or spa pass. Mother’s day promotions are available in all Stephanies locations.

Mother’s Day promotions are available to purchase until 30th June 2019.  Purchased Gift Cards are valid for 12 months from time of purchase. Mothers Day promotions can be redeemed at any Stephanies location.

Terms & Conditions Mothers Day Memberships 

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Commit to improving your skin today

 Wanting results with your skin?

 Stephanies have a variety of Medi Spa services and plans that will help you commit to improving your skin routine to look and feel your very best. Our selection of high-end products and services will give you the best outcomes in the most indulgent spa setting.

Commit to good skin today 

At Stephanies we are committed to:

·         Boost the overall appearance of your skin texture

·         Improve hydration levels

·         Soften fine lines and wrinkles

·         Stimulate and tone facial muscles

·         Bring uniformity, brightness, and clarity to the skin

·         Stimulate collagen and elastin

Who doesn’t need this? 

Medi Skin plans are available at Stephanies to get the results for you and your skin. Come and experience a detailed skin analysis and skin plan for yourself and see your skin glow. Some of our Medi Spa services include: 

·         Microdermabrasion

is a minimally invasive skin treatment where a finely abrasive technique is used to buff away the outermost layer of the skin. Customised to your individual needs this unique treatment can effectively combat acne, pimples, and anti-aging. It’s a simple solution that will instantly give you beautiful, healthy-looking skin.  

·         Led Light Red Light Therapy

This skin treatment pushes wavelengths of light deep into the layers of the skin, stimulating the production of new cells and making the skin appear healthier and more youthful. It’s becoming widely popular because it’s a painless, non-invasive way to dramatically enhance the appearance of the skin. LED treatments are generally combined with high-performance facials and peels to lessen acne, aging skin, sun damage, and sunburn.  

·        iBeauty Skin Lift and Tone Treatment

uses the Thalgo iBeauty machine. It’s a revolutionary beauty treatment device that utilises sound waves, sequential ultrasound and radio frequency to gently exfoliate, hydrate and firm the skin. It’s a facial like you’ve never had before. 

It has a wide range of applications so that each facial treatment will be customised by your therapist for each visit. Be it to cleanse & enhance your skin, rehydrate the skin, or look younger with glowing fresh skin. The power of all three components of the iBeauty is the ultimate treatment if you’re looking for regeneration, purification and plumping. This treatment will firm up your skin and shrink pores in a non-aggressive and completely safe manner.  

·         Enzyme Skin Peels

The Enzyme HydroPeel is an effective start towards creating a brighter and more even-textured skin. With papaya enzyme and lactic acid, this hydrating peel is an ideal introduction to peel treatments or for those with sensitive skin that requires a gentle touch. This peel can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or as a course.

Stephanies Skin Medi Spa  Memberships give you immediate, extraordinary additional treatments, great value and added bonus extras as well as a free skincare starter pack.

We promise and guarantee, you will genuinely benefit. Take a minute to read through our Skin Medi Spa Membership inclusions and have a think of what you’ll save, how convenient it will be very time you visit us. 

 Make the commitment to great skin today. 

Programs are personalised by your therapist especially for you. Take advantage of our Skin Medi Spa membership introductory offer $650 (usually $999) including your free Synergie Skin starter pack valued at $135 including an LED light therapy session.

For first time visits or those with busy schedules our new targeted skin add ons are just the right way to improve results. By choosing to enhance your facial with upto three targeted add ons. Your choice of: Micro Boost, LED Light Therapy, iPurity Deep Cleanse, iHydrate Infusion, Skin Lift Anti-Age, Galvanic, Sonophoresis.


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