Spring Beginnings

Are you looking forward to the “beauty” of Spring as much as me? 

This year has certainly tested many of us. The challenges and worries we have all had to face, have been real, but can I say, it has also shown us the power to stop and take mindful moments to evaluate our lives and self, with healthy intentions and heartfelt gratitude. 

Reminisce of a time when technology came in the form of a double tape deck to create the ultimate love song mixed tape and a good night in was a trip to the video store before snuggling up on the couch with my boyfriend.  

2020 in many ways has made me stop and reflect on life when it was just that little less complicated.  I am grateful and appreciate every day the comfort of my home and the surrounding environment. The ability to work from home and in some cases taking my work on the road, and when I say “road” I mean taking pen to paper, feeling the sand between my toes and taking in the intoxicating beauty of the Sunshine Coast and jotting down my thoughts of 2020 and beyond for Stephanies.   

This year could not have been achieved without the strength of those close to me. Together, with their support, they have guided me on this endearing journey to deliver on my business goals.

To my hubby Des, my fluffy fur family, friends and to all at Stephanies…. thank you.  

Our Spring beginnings blog is to simply say thank you for the incredible support you have shown us this year and thank you for being part of our Stephanies Spa family!  

This Spring, we intend to delight and inspire you with some exciting Bohemian Beauty spa rituals, spa events and to introduce you to some new delicious inner wellness products. 

A lovely industry friend of mine Sarah, talented therapist and spa owner of Ballarat’s Sanctuary Day Spa, sent me a private message about a product called IMBIBE, when I was doing research into gut health products

She expressed to me the fabulousness and benefits of these products; she has personally seen incredible results and the same with her own valued clients. So, I thought I would try IMBIBE and review them myself. Throughout the last six months, I have been seriously impressed… I have seen and felt firsthand the benefits of these Byron Bay inner beauty products. My skin, hair, nails and digestive system have improved out of sight!  

As we all know, beauty isn’t just about how you look on the outside, it starts from within. Looking after your inner health, specifically with a healthy lifestyle, good gut health, great nutrition and a balanced digestive system.  

Equally as important, is to compliment your inner health with a quality skincare routine at home and regular skin and spa therapies prescribed for you by our clever Stephanies Skin Experts.  

I can wholeheartedly recommend IMBIBE to our Stephanies family, these three potent, high-performance inner beauty rituals are 100% clean, non-toxic and organic and are all backed by science. Beaty Renewal, Miracle Collagen and Protect will make you feel great and you will see a fresh skin glow, shiny hair, strengthened nails and enhanced energy while providing support to your own immune system.  

To discover more, please go to IMBIBE on our website or in-spa at all Stephanies® locations.

Ok, Spring Beauties, for this season we have brought back our ever-popular 

“Bohemian Beauty”

Ritual 100mins of pleasurable spa bliss for $199   

Rose Petal Foot Soak & Foot Exfoliation | Back Massage | French Classical Facial including a Beauty Globe Massage | Scalp Massage 

Rejuvenate into Spring with a Rose Petal Foot Soak and Foot Exfoliation. Bliss out with a Coconut and Rose Back Exfoliation and Signature Back Massage. Renew your complexion with a French Classical Facial including a Beauty Globe Massage and Scalp Massage.

For our second Spring ritual let us Introduce to you our 

“Crystal Body Ritual”

 the new 70min surrendering body ritual created for you to enjoy some spa solitude, only $149 

Skin Brushing | Amethyst Body Masque | Payot Elixir Scalp Massage | Luxe Body Crème 

Lay back and enjoy an invigorating Dry Skin Brushing followed by our Amethyst Body Masque. Whilst cocooned, enjoy a nourishing, softening and relaxing Scalp Massage using the Payot Huile Elixir before completing your ritual with our signature la Vie Skin Botanicals, Jasmine Flower Body Creme. 

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Our Stephanies digital newsletter is where all our latest spa news and events happen.  

Speaking of events… SAVE THE DATE! 

We are very excited to be hosting our famous Payot Open Day across our Stephanies® spa locations on the 15th October. Discover all the information about our wonderful Payot skincare offers, High-Performance Facial and Gift With Purchase for this years’ famous Payot event. 

Be the first to gain access to our pre-launch sale before we send out our official invitation. To reserve your 60min Payot Facial click here, bookings are essential. 

Stephanie x

PAYOT Techni Liss Range!


Blog by Stacey – Stephanies Group Trainer & Spa Retreat Manager   


PROTECT your skin from BLUE LIGHT free radicals with PAYOT Techni Liss Range! 💙

Did you know blue light is emitted from our smartphones, TVs, light bulbs and computer screens?  

The time we spend on these gadgets with proximity, has been shown in studies to induce oxidative stress in the skin as blue light affects the level of melatonin (our sleep hormone) and this can lead to premature ageing and in some cases, pigmentation. 

Who is this range for?
Everyone can benefit from this range and it is for ALL skin types. It is ideally for people who regularly expose themselves to blue light technology, and with our current social distancing and isolation circumstances, this will be beneficial for people who are exposed to such gadgets, working from home on their computers or in medical and health centres, as blue light is present in computer-related devices and some light bulbs. 


PAYOT Blue Techni Liss range features a range of products with key actives to help fight against the effects of desynchronised skin biorhythms, which is caused when our skin has had too much screentime and not enough natural daylight and sleep. Within the formulation contains a blue light shield active which fights the effects of environment aggression during the day and at night. 

Jodie Whiley, PAYOT National Education and Sales Training Manager has stated that:

‘Payot Blue Techni List Range is your complete range to prolong the life of injectables – Blue Techni Liss Jour and Blue Techni Liss Regard reduce muscular contractions due to the Hibiscus Oligo-peptide, a powerful firming agent, and Blue Techni Liss Concentre uses 3 levels of Hyaluronic Acid to fill the skin with long lasting hydration and to prolong the life of filler.’ 

Key Actives

This range includes the following key actives:

  • Hibiscus Peptide – Helps to relax contracted muscles whilst softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is a powerful firming agent and rich in antioxidants. Great for maintaining cosmetic injectable results and youthfulness.
  • Horehound Extract (Blue Light Mitigation) – Proven to absorb free radicals released by blue light, which is responsible of the disruption of biorhythms.
    It provides a 38% reduction in DNA damage and strengthens the skin’s barrier function whilst repairing the cell’s metabolism.
  • Chase Tree Extract – Increases cellular oxygenation, reconstructs the barrier of the skin and protects physical/chemical external aggressions.
  • Lindera Aggregata (in Techni Jour Day Cream) – Restores the gene clock in skin cells and like light therapy, stimulates metabolic functions, improves hydration and corrects the biorhythms of the skin. 
  • Nocturnal Micro Algae (in Techni Nuit Night Cream) – Activates in the dark to help the skin cells rest and repair and provides skin cells with energy. It also stimulates calcium release and stimulates growth factors. 


I have used Blue Techni Liss Jour and Blue Techni Liss Concentrate recently on my skin and can vouch that the textures feel beautiful and nourishing without feeling heavy at all. Knowing its effectiveness and what it does for the skin, motivates me to include this as part of my skincare regime whilst working from home!
It also smells great with a cocktail of natural fragrance notes to relax the mind and skin, including: Blackcurrant, Peach, Apple, Pear, Mandarin, Galbanium, Jasmin, Rose, Magnolia, Iris, Vanilla and Amber. 


Good-to-know info from Payot from their clinical Studies – On Humans over 28 days 

Your Blue Techni Liss skincare routine:

Blue Techni Liss Concentrate – Wrinkles and lines smoothed +77%, increased suppleness +81%, youthful +68% 



Eye Cream: 
Blue Techni Regard – Wrinkles and lines smoothed +68% orbital area smooth +72% 



Day Cream:
Blue Techni Jour – smoother +85%, Relaxed +76%, Radiant complexion 71% 



Night Cream:
Blue Techni Nuit – skin rested in the am +95%, Wrinkles are smoothed 76% –  



Weekly or a ‘Pick-Me-Up’ Mask:
Blue Techni Weekend Masque 11.5% wrinkle depth reduction in one application 



For a limited time only, if you purchase PAYOT skincare to the value of $229 or more, you receive free GIFTS on us! I hope you love this range and its effectiveness as much as I do. 

Let’s SHOP and shield your skin from blue light with Blue Techni Liss:

Photo Credit: Sheer Gloss https://sheergloss.blogspot.com/ 

New Payot Product Launch: HYDRA 24+ Concentre D’eau Serum


We’re in love with Payot’s Hydra 24+ Concentre D’Eau. This ultra-cool serum’s watery texture quickly absorbs and instantly fuses with the skin for a subtle, non-sticky finish developed with dehydrated skin in mind. The serum has an intense hydration skincare focus that acts to continually re-infuse the skin with water quenching dry and dehydrated skin types. Hence, providing lasting hydration for 30 hours, to restore comfort, suppleness and radiance to the skin.

Hydra 24+ Concentre D’Eau Serum


Payot’s study on the serum returned 100%* satisfaction from a volunteer study of 22 people. They all agreed with Hydra 24+ Concentre D’Eau Serum to be:

  1. Intensely hydrates, plumps, and skin looks luminous
  2. Skin regains suppleness and comfort
  3. Skin texture is fresh and quickly absorbed
  4. 30-hour moisturising effectiveness**

* Satisfaction test carried out under dermatological control on 22 volunteers. Twice daily application for 28 days. % of volunteers who noticed the effect.

** Instrumental hydration measurement carried out on 11 volunteers. 


Payot’s star active ingredients include Aquatic fruit and flower extracts (Fig, Watermelon, Lotus and Waterlily) and skin cares super source, Hyaluronic Acid.


For best results, we recommend an application ritual applying every morning and/or evening on a thoroughly cleansed face and neck before your usual moisturiser.

Overall the Hydra 24+ is a line of skincare that moisturises while preserving the skin’s youth and protecting it against the harmful effects of pollution.

Payot’s development of unique fragrances and unparalleled textures foster sensuality and serenity. Bespoke formulas imbue a striking freshness and high concentrations of water for hydration that can be seen and experienced. 

This universal serum meets every woman’s needs and can be used in addition to all types of intense hydration care.


Pre-order today by calling our Head Office on 1300 329 772




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