Exclusive New Skincare Launch

The range is a leader in the global cosmeceutical industry, known for advanced ingredient technology and fast-acting results. It is the only treatment in the world that uses Oxygen under pressure!
Your skin will look luminous, rehydrated, toned and visibly younger and firmer. Stephanies Oxygen Infusion Facials and Rituals will give you instant results.
We know you will love it! Take advantage of our Launch OffersandGift With Purchase’ special.  See our new Intraceuticals menu and read through some FAQs below.
Exclusive new intraceuticals skincare launch

Intraceuticals Frequently Asked Questions

What is Intraceuticals? 

Intraceuticals is an Australian company specializing in oxygen technology. Intraceuticals was founded in 2002, and has offices in 59 countries.

How is Intraceuticals unique? 

Unlike other oxygen facials, which atomize or spray oxygen on the skin, the Intraceuticals Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen System uses therapeutic oxygen under hyperbaric pressure to infuse a special serum of modified hyaluronic acid, essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and amino peptides to the skin. Re-hydrated plumped up skin in less than an hour will set this treatment apart from any other facial treatments.

What are Stephanies Therapists saying?

Stephanies therapists have gone through all the Intraceutical specific training components and techniques and agree the treatments are highly results orientated, leaving skin refreshed and instantly lifted. Our therapists are enthusiastic about achieving great results and, the Oxygen treatment as the perfect pre-makeup 3-step process as used by celebrities and socialites.

Intraceuticals Training Stephanies

Why is Intraceuticals unique?

Intraceuticals is more than just a facial; the combination of oxygen under pressure and modified hyaluronic acid creates a visible result you can instantly see and feel. Additionally, the application of pressurised oxygen increases the absorption of the Infusion which helps the skin retain hydration and moisture. Once hydration is balanced your skin will look and feel healthier and more vital – additionally many other common skin complaints will naturally disappear.

What does Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen mean?

Hyperbaric simply means the therapeutic use of oxygen delivered at above normal pressure.

How much oxygen is used in an Intraceuticals Infusion? 

Oxygen makes up between 18-21% of the atmosphere and is required to sustain life. The Intraceuticals System draws this oxygen and filters it to a concentration of 90-95% pure oxygen.

Why is oxygen used topically?

Oxygen is a natural bactericide (destroys anaerobic bacteria) and helps cool and calm the skin. Intraceuticals uses oxygen under pressure to enhance the skin’s absorption of the Intraceuticals Infusions.

How is oxygen applied to the skin?

When the tip of the Intraceuticals Oxygen Infuser is held at a 90-degree angle, 1mm or less from the skin surface, an oxygen “pressure bubble” is formed which increases the saturation of the external skin tissue (epidermis). This pressure also assists in the rapid absorption of the Intraceuticals Infusions.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Therapy

What does Infusion mean?

An Intraceuticals Infusion refers to the process of applying a hydrophilic (water-loving) Serum containing hyaluronic acid technology to the skin. Based on research originating in Australia, Intraceuticals identified a new, modified form of Hyaluronic Acid; this special type of Hyaluronic Acid has the same proven moisture binding benefits as traditional Hyaluronic Acid but because of its lighter weight, has the ability to target the skin where it not only deeply hydrates but also helps stimulate collagen synthesis. Additionally, it draws or carries other active and beneficial skin specific ingredients such as vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals and amino peptides to the skin.

How does oxygen work on a cellular level?

Oxygen, breathed in from the atmosphere, flows into the lungs. From there haemoglobin in blood delivers the oxygen to the capillaries, then to the muscles and lastly to the cell’s mitochondria.

What is inhalation oxygen?

Inhalation oxygen involves breathing in oxygen at concentrations of between 90-95% pure oxygen. Inhalation oxygen has been shown to heighten concentration, alertness and memory and to provide a natural remedy for headaches, hangovers and jet lag. Inhalation oxygen is often used by professional athletes to speed muscle recovery after exertion.

Which skin conditions benefit from Intraceuticals?

Intraceuticals Infusions help increase the skin’s moisture levels and targets dry, dehydrated and prematurely ageing skin, sensitive skin, sensitized skin, sun damage, brown spots, skin laxity, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, post-inflammatory pigmentation and problem-prone skin conditions.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is your body’s natural moisture factor and the ability to retain and hold moisture is the secret to youthful, healthy vibrant skin. As we age our bodies produce less Hyaluronic Acid which is thought to be one of the leading causes of skin ageing.

Why does Intraceuticals use Hyaluronic acid?

Intraceuticals leads the industry in new and novel uses of Hyaluronic Acid technology. The Intraceuticals Infusions and Treatment Support all utilize Hyaluronic Acid in different weights and forms to balance and support healthy skin function.

What are the Treatment Support Products?

The Treatment Support Products are specifically designed to intensify and maintain the results of an Intraceuticals Infusion.

What is lightweight Hyaluronic Acid?

Light Weight Hyaluronic Acid is the smallest and most easily absorbed form of Hyaluronic Acid. This special fast-acting form or Hyaluronic Acid is the foundation of all Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments and included in all Treatment Support Products. Naturally binds moisture within the skin and helps balance skin moisture levels for long-lasting moisturization. Helps Increases skin volume from within, defining and enhancing skin volume, smoothing and softening fine lines and wrinkles. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and redness reducer and significantly reduces the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Helps cool and calm skin for sensitive or environmentally stressed skin (sunburn or windburn). Actively draws other beneficial skin ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin and increases absorption of all active ingredients – even from other product lines

What is Hyaluronic Layering?

Hyaluronic Layering uses three different types of Hyaluronic Acid; two different weights and one complex which work together to dramatically improve the way your skin attracts and holds moisture.

Can the Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment be used with other Stephanie’s skincare devices?

Intraceuticals Infusion treatments can be combined with microdermabrasion, and Stephanies iBeauty machine or another physical exfoliation method prior to an Intraceuticals Infusion. LED light is another beneficial combination to use prior to an  Intraceuticals Infusion and appears to greatly enhance an Intraceuticals Infusion Treatment.

Are the Intraceuticals skincare courses beneficial?

There are two options for courses, a Three-Course Kit and a Six-Course Kit which come with retail products for your home skincare regime. It’s not only cost-effective but these powerful courses have a cumulative effect and will have your skin looking improved for longer, with increased benefits of your take-home skincare.

Are there any contra-indications to an Intraceuticals Infusion?

The modified Hyaluronic technology will enhance absorption of all ingredients applied to the skin before or after an Intraceuticals infusion. For this reason – chemical peels should not be applied immediately before an Intraceuticals Infusions.
Additionally, unpredictable ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Retinol and Hydroquinone should not be applied immediately before or after an Intraceuticals Infusion. Ask your client to wait 24-48 hours before re-introducing AHA’s, Retinoic acid, or Hydroquinone to their home care regimen

Is it safe for all skin types? 

Intraceuticals Infusions can be used on sensitive, sensitized, and rosacea-prone skin conditions. May also be recommended as a cooling calming treatment for post-sun and wind exposed skin conditions.

Is Intraceuticals cruelty-free?

Yes, the products are 100% cruelty-free.

What are the main features of an Intraceuticals Infusion?

  • Uses a continuous flow of oxygen under pressure called Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen
  • 5 different Intraceuticals Infusion Treatments all containing lightweight hyaluronic carrier technology.
  • Is readily absorbed creating instant results
  • Helps the skin absorb other active ingredients such as botanicals, vitamins, amino peptides to the skin
  • Intraceuticals has developed Hyaluronic Layering which uses several different forms of Hyaluronic Acid designed to work together to help plump up depressions in the skin’s infrastructure, add suppleness and volume, support collagen production and enhance youthful contour.
  • Series Course Kits easily combine Infusion Treatments with Treatment Support products to maintain long-term results.

What are the main benefits of an Intraceuticals Infusion?

  • Instant visible results
  • Deeply hydrates – provides volume and definition
  • Firms lifts and improves overall texture and tone
  • Helps stimulate collagen and elastin activity
  • Dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Comforts dry, sensitive or stressed skin
  • Provides an immediate increase in skin radiance and glow

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Dear Santa!

Christmas is just around the corner and you know what that means. At Stephanies, we love this time of the year.

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Stephanies Luxury Spas

Luxe Spa Christmas Offers

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Stephanies Luxe Spa Offers

OPULENCE SPA OFFER $265 (valued at $345)

Rejuvenate yourself with the Opulence spa package lasting for 90 minutes, starting with a Rose Petal Foot Soak, continuing with Back Brushing and Macadamia Back Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, Back Neck and Shoulder Massage to ease your back pain. The journey continues with a perfect touch of Parisian Facial and Intensive Scalp Massage. The harmony finishes with a glass of sparkling and a chocolate. Your everyday stresses will melt away.


Discover the sparkle of Christmas with nourishing your body, mind, and soul with the Elegance Luxe Spa Christmas Offer. You will be taken on a grandeur journey of 2.5 hours, where the therapist will start with a foot treatment of Rose Petal Foot Soak & Coconut Vanilla Foot Exfoliation. The package consists a complete stress relief of a full Aroma Body Massage, proceeding with a splendid High Performance Facial including scalp massage. The finishing touch is a foot massage and shape and paint toes, with a toast to Christmas with a glass of sparkling and a chocolate. A sublime spa special.

MAGICAL SPA OFFER $410 (valued at $475)

Our most divine Christmas offer is the Magical package, for all those who want to spoil themselves for a tailored package lasting for 3.5 hours. Enjoy the richness of the full body Hot Stone Crystal Massage for the detox of the body, an effective healing experience. Following you will receive a calming Classical Facial including hand and scalp massage. This soothing treatment continues with a Sole Healing Massage for the feet and a bubbling glass of Sparkling and a chocolate. Pure bliss.

Stephanies Luxury Spa Gift Card

All three Luxe Spa Christmas Offers are superb value tailored from our most popular treatments for all spa lovers. Book now at 1300 DAY SPA and enjoy the festive season at Stephanies Luxury Spas, pampering yourself and beloved ones in the wonderland of Christmas.

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