Mindful Bathing and Bath Soaks

This is an interesting read about Mindful Bathing and thought it worthy to share.

Mindful Baths 🌸
Duration: 10 minutes – however long you need.

〰️Use when〰️ 💧You start noticing you’re beginning to feel burnt out or overwhelmed with life or a situation to prevent things from getting worse mentally. You can use the bath as a tool to bring your emotional temperature down on your metaphorical thermometer a bit by self-soothing and grounding yourself with your senses to the present moment while you’re in there. Then tackling whatever life throws at you from a less “heated” mental stance so you can problem-solve more clearly and logically. Self-care in the form of a mindful bath can help us reset a bit.


đź’§After something stressful happens to calm down.
đź’§As an exercise in mindfulness and general self-care.

How to mindfully bathe.

〰️Method〰️ Run a bath to whatever temperature is relaxing for you. Fill it with bubbles or bath salts. I like Epsom salts as they are good for relaxing the muscles. Add essential oil (optional) my favourite is lavender. Light some candles make sure you’re undisturbed and turn your phone off.

〰️Option 1 〰️ 💧While you’re in the bath listen to some music while you explore your surroundings using your senses smell, touch, taste, feel, see what’s in the room. Notice the temperature of the water, the bubbles and shapes that they make, the smell of the oil or bath products, feeling your skin against the bubbles and bottom of the tub, seeing the flicker of the candle and observing it, listening to the sound of the water, bubbles popping, sounds you can hear nearby or far away. Just explore what you can and when your mind wanders, which all minds do, bring it back to where you are.

〰️Option 2 〰️ 💧Set yourself up with a guided meditation of your choice. One that I used the other night and enjoyed was by Kristin Neff on the Insight Timer app titled “loving-kindness with self-compassion”.

I enjoyed the warm feelings that come with turning love inward to ourselves that is a result of this particular meditation.

Mindful Bathing Courtesy: I AM MINDFUL™️


Stephanies Luxury Spas Bath Suites

Immersion Therapy or bathing is a cleansing way to end your spa experience. Prior to a treatment, guests choose from our mineral-rich bath soaks to relax muscles and aid wellbeing. All our Bath Salts can be purchased online in a Botanical or Naked blend.

Stephanies Immersion Bath Therapy Suites

Geisha Bath Suite, Stephanies Ocean Spa Noosa

Top left: Geisha Suite looking out onto the Noosa Biosphere Reserve; Stephanies Ocean Spa, Noosa.

Top right: Stone Bath Suite with views over the D’aguilar Range Brisbane; Stephanies Mountain Spa, Clear Mountain.

Bottom left: Luxe Bath Suite within Stephanies Spa Retreat, Sofitel Brisbane Central.

Bottom right: Vino Wooden Bath Suite looking out onto the Noosa Biosphere Reserve; Stephanies Ocean Spa, Noosa.


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