Dirt Roads to Dreams ~ Stephanies Luxury Spas Turns 25

It takes something special for a business to keep its doors open for multiple decades! This month, as Stephanies Luxury Spas celebrates 25 devoted years of being in business, we take a look at some of the specialness that has made this Company such a success.

25th Birthday Spa Blog

In chatting with Joyce Shepherd, Stephanie’s Mum, we discovered insights to the early years of Founder and CEO of Stephanies Luxury Spas.

Like all Mums, Joyce wanted the very best for Stephanie however, living in Broken Hill in the 60s and 70s, surrounded by dirt roads, she found the isolation challenging. “I worried Stephanie wouldn’t be able to achieve her dreams”, said Joyce.

The Shepherd family faced all challenges with a lot of patience, love and support and raised a successful, independent and free-thinking daughter.

Even before starting school, Stephanie wanted to be a ‘Beauty Lady’. With very little money, Joyce’s make-up kit consisted of a face cream, foundation and one Avon lipstick, when the lippy ran out it was time to save up to purchase another.

Setting good examples and a strict upbringing, Joyce’s bedroom was off limits, however, after Kindy pick up, the relentless ‘Beauty Lady’, at the age of 5, would come out of Mums room smelling like Avon and painted up like a circus clown!


While Joyce and Len were able to encourage Brother Greg to do his school work, Stephanie was focused and had beauty on her mind – not homework! A childhood comment from our CEO was ‘I don’t need to study to be a Beauty Lady’!

Stephanie with her best friend Natalie Dunstan throughout primary school spent many hours doing hairdos and creative makeup applications from the age of 6. A lifelong friendship like no other was established – today Natalie is Stephanie’s right-hand lady, an integral part of Stephanies Luxury Spas.

Being too young to go to ‘Beauty School’, Joyce and Len gave young Stephanie the opportunity to complete a secretarial course with the ‘carrot’ – do well, pass the course and you will go to Beauty School! Naturally, Stephanie blitzed the course and was on her way to making her dream a reality. In 1985 Stephanie attended Heather Langton’s Academy of Beauty Therapy in Adelaide, South Australia.


Once qualified, the ecstatic Beauty Therapist Stephanie started working at Hair and Beauty Talk in Broken Hill where her love of Payot Skincare products was born. While Stephanie was a fresh-faced beauty therapist to the industry, and with her mum being a TAFE teacher, Stephanie wanted to help other girls in the Broken Hill community, so she planned and implemented a Teenage Beauty Course during school holidays which gave her some amazing confidence at such a young age, and was a huge success.

In learning about Stephanies early years, it’s no wonder her business is celebrating 25 years! Many people are too afraid to follow their dreams and do what they love – from the dirt roads of Broken Hill; the dreams of a young girl to become a ‘Beauty Lady’ have overwhelmingly become a reality.


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