25 Years in Business Celebrations

My Mum Joyce Has Influenced & Guided My Career

It takes something special for a business to keep its doors open for multiple decades! This week, as Stephanies Luxury Spas celebrates 25 devoted years of being in business, we take a look at some of the specialness that has made this Company such a success.

25th Birthday Spa Blog

I am an entrepreneur, and that means I look at the impossible and think I can do it. But I’m astute enough to know I can’t do it on my own. The idea that anyone can do it on their own is self-indulgent and untrue.

Through the years, I’ve had hundreds of employees that have worked here making Stephanies what it is today. This clearly shows that we’ve all contributed to the building of this Company, piece by piece, year by year, until it stands before you now – 25 years strong – a beautiful, caring organisation made from the efforts of good people working toward a common purpose to care for, and delight our guests.

To kick off our 25th Birthday blogs, and with Mother’s Day just passed, I really want to acknowledge my Mother, Joyce, who has influenced and guided my career, my life, like no other. Before I share the life values my parents instilled in me, I’d like to celebrate just a snippet of Mum’s life.

Growing up in the isolation of Broken Hill, my Mum wanted to be an Air Hostess and needed to do nursing however her parents wouldn’t allow that, so her determination and drive saw her do a St. Johns ‘home nursing’ course, a male orientated course for the town miners. During the course, Mum met the instructor Len, fell in love, married shortly after and their amazing 50 year journey began. My parents were trailblazers; they did things that were unheard of then. On a holiday to Coolangatta, they spent a couple of days in Sydney where they were to buy furniture, instead they bought two tickets to South Africa which ended up being a three year working holiday and cementing their love of travel.

Back in Broken Hill with a young family, Mum tackled all challenges head on, illnesses, changing times and the realisation that if anything happened to the household income, she wouldn’t be able to support the kids. So, she studied, succeeded and began her teaching career at night school. Totally dedicated – mum raised a family, managed a household, worked fulltime at night, studied and achieved a degree, adored her husband and ensured I knew my times tables!

ABOVE: Joyce and Stephanie as a baby and; right with brother Greg.

My Mother taught me early on how to work hard, have exemplary work ethics – if you want for something, you work for it. She inspired me to fight and to reach for the sky, but most importantly she inspired me to work tirelessly and never give up! Life values of trust, loyalty, respect, truth and determination have been ingrained into my life and as I reflect on 25 years in business, I am absolutely positive, and thankful, my business successes stem from Mum’s influences, guidance and values.

Passion, resilience and goodwill. Mum always showed passion and drive in any project she took on, big or small. Having a strong, driven, multi-talented woman by my side has shaped me in so many ways and I am so grateful.

My Mum is a genuinely kind human being. She’s always there for me when I need a listening ear or sound advice when it comes to my personal life or professional career. It could be 5am and she’s ready to listen. She pushes me to succeed, elevates me to reach my goals and paints a vivid and tangible picture of success in my mind.

Stephanie and Joyce today

ABOVE: Joyce and Stephanie today!

I have been, and continue to be very blessed to have had the counsel and direction from this inspirational woman I am so proud to call Mum.



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