Stephanies 22 Years with French Skincare Brand Thalgo

Stephanies and Thalgo together have built a strong affiliation over the past 22 years to deliver Stephanies guests the latest in French marine-based luxury skincare and bespoke facials. It’s Stephanies ethos towards continual improvement in skin wellbeing and Thalgo’s leading edge in marine cosmetics that’s enabled their professional relationship to prosper with clients skin being the biggest winner!

For those who haven’t already experienced a Thalgo Facial at Stephanies, mark your calendar for Thursday, 6th June. It’s our annual Thalgo Facial Event Day. And, for $109 you will experience an Anti-Ageing Facial using Thalgo marine skincare to smooth fine lines, promote radiance and elasticity and step out feeling incredible. We know you’ll love it and it’s the perfect opportunity to experience a high end facial for a fraction of the price.



SALON INSIGHTS: Stephanies recently featured in Australian Professional Beauty Magazine.

How much is the Made In France label worth to your salon?

“For me professional salon only French skincare has always been a part of my beauty therapy career. even when I was completing my diploma in 1985.

I have been lucky enough to visit Paris and Villa Thalgo several times and I truly get more inspired every time I experience and immerse myself within the French beauty culture!

Thalgo has been enjoyed within the Stephanie’s spa family for the last 22 years. One of our Thalgo tops picks that our clients experience at Stephanie’s Luxury Spas is the Anti-Age Intensive Hyaluronic treatment. our therapists and clients love seeing and feeling immediate results!

We love providing personised treatments and educating our clients to committed quality skincare routines at home and advanced in spa treatments. Including a variety of Thalgo rituals or series skincare programs of advanced technology’s mixed with results-driven Lightstim LED. Thalgo Skin expert microdermabrasion and lbeauty. I feel the skincare industry trend is moving towards a more concentrated simpler and healing approach internally and externally.

Clients today have tried a multitude of invasive procedures and applications and are now combining both areas and are looking for a more natural result. healthy skin whilst supporting their wellness needs and relaxation.”

Stephanie Shepherd.
CEO & Founder Stephanie’s Luxury Spas


Traditionally French skincare has been known for its timeless indulgent luxury – how has your brand kept ahead of the market trends now skincare is very results driven?

“French skincare has always embodied luxe life with exquisite textures, sophisticated fragrances and elegant, insta-worthy presentation. But all of this makes for a vacuous consumer experience if the goop doesn’t deliver the goods. Seeing truly
is believing, but believing comes as much from innovation and newness as it does from consistency and reliable proof from years of research and development.

Core Philosophy

“For over 50 years, Thalgo’s core philosophy has been about capturing marine intelligence from the source. Over this time, Thalgo’s R&D team together with global universities and scientific institutions have built an impressive knowledge bank by studying over 63 different forms of marine algae that have adapted to living in extreme conditions including at hydrothermal vents which connect directly to the earth’s core. The extracts from these algae (many of them now patented by Thalgo) are extremely high in micronutrients which can be assimilated at a deep cellular level since they’re biosimilar to human tissue. Combining the resilience and potency of algae extracts with the transdermal application of vital minerals means it’s easy for Thalgo to demonstrate results scientifically. But back to the point about seeing is believing, all performance products are supported by both consumer perception and physiological dermal studies.”

Ocean Lab

“The ocean is Thalgo’s very own lab. It’s also humanities greatest natural resource and the origin of all life – including our clever little algae! And when you think that over 80% of the ocean floors are yet to be explored, the world of marine intelligence has literally only just scratched the surface …. but Thalgo’s already way ahead of the game.”

What are some of the latest ingredient developments in your range?

“Thalgo’s R&D team has a number of concurrent studies on marine ingredients with the most important one on the adaptation and sustainability of marine microalgae. The research is finding out two things: how these different species respond to environmental stresses of pressure, UV and temperature and also how to create self-sustaining colonies that not only give back to the environment, but are a consistent ingredient source. The initial results are quite remarkable and are informing the development path for an exciting new facial skin care line due to launch globally in 2021.”

Latest Innovation

“The Exception Marine range launched late last year and contains
the Marine Replenishment Complex which is the active force in this advanced anti-ageing range. The range is designed to address advanced skin ageing including skin slackening and density loss is caused by the physiological ageing process of a cell and the slowing of its metabolism. The ageing process impacts the cell’s ability to produce supporting fibres and also to expand and contract in response to the environment. The ingredient studies started in 2002 and in 2013, Thalgo patented a fusion of two natural microalgae hormones called phytohormones. These hormones mobilise the cells and reset the contractile forces ( that’s skin elasticity to you and me!). The cool part is that further research found adding Native Edelweiss stem cells to the phytohormones delivered an astounding 190% increase the in the cell reactions and also stimulated the cell to rebuild when exposed to environmental aggressors.”

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