Get your best look with Stephanies 360 degrees approach to skin rejuvenation and home skincare solutions

Get your best look with Stephanies 360 degrees approach to skin rejuvenation and home skincare solutions – introducing our new Medi Spa Menu and Medi Spa Memberships

Maintaining a natural and youthful look is highly desirable

We all wish to look and feel our best, no matter what age. Now that booking into a Medi Spa for non-surgical anti-ageing treatments has advanced to a level attainable for us all and not just ‘celebs’ and ‘movie stars’, what can we expect at a Medi Spa appointment with Stephanies?

Before we go any further it’s correct to outline that our Stephanies Medi Spa aesthetic is to provide clients with a natural look that makes them feel confident and look great for their age. How then is that natural look achieved?

Firstly to understand how Medi Spa treatments work it is important to realise the natural ageing process

As we age our face loses elasticity, the definition of features and volume;  resulting in crows feet, frown lines and other folds and furrows that detract from our once ‘sunshiney’ fresh look. The natural voluminous fat stores in our face during our youth begin to shrink and move south. Visible signs in skin texture, tone and pigmentation become noticeable. The effects of gravity, repeated muscle movement, complexion changes and the diminishment of definition and fullness, all contribute to the natural ageing process.

Jumping forward now to a Medi Spa consult; your skin concerns will be discussed personally and a total face analysis outlined as to what Medi Spa technologies, treatments and products will work best for you

These treatments start from classic facial therapy’s then move to device based beauty technologies including, LED light therapies, microdermabrasion, and the innovative iBeauty device. Advanced skin treatments include peels and medi facials right through to our Medical Doctor performing dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, double chin reduction therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments.

Stephanies traditional skin therapy’s promote skin stimulation, exfoliation and hydration with relaxing facial and scalp massage sequences. The more intense Medi Spa skin treatments target specific skin concerns and require a thorough skin analysis from our qualified skin clinicians. Jump into our new Medi Spa membership to take advantage of technologies such as our LED LightStim and iBeauty device solutions that combine advanced ingredients with innovative non-aggressive facials to purify and hydrate to prevent aging. Once we have customised your Medi Spa professional skin and home skincare solutions we have our in-house Medical Doctor available to you, if you choose, for your complimentary consult to enhance your natural features.

Here we explain anti-wrinkle injections and fillers for facial aesthetics

Dermal fillers can restore some of the lost volume and recreate your facial contours; along with correcting wrinkles around eyes, cheeks, forehead, jaw, lips and mouth areas. Whereas anti-wrinkle injections ease wrinkles and lines in the upper face and help reduce crow’s feet, glabellar and forehead lines. Dermal fillers are not the same as anti-wrinkle injections. They provide volume and contouring and are used to fill wrinkles and lines and generally last 9 to 24 months. Anti-wrinkle injections relax the muscles with results usually lasting 3 to 4 months.

A natural looking result is therefore achieved with Stephanies 360 degree approach! This full-circle consultation and treatment combination of Medi Spa treatments, home skincare solutions and the opportunity to be introduced to our Medical Doctor, with his expertise in naturally enhancing your features, will give you a holistic approach to skin rejuvenation.

Call now for a 360 degree consult and take the next steps to a more ‘refreshed you’.  Don’t miss out on your free 20 minutes consultation with our qualified skin clinicians to get you started.

Please see our new Medi Spa Menu and Medi Spa Memberships brochure

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