Cozy up this winter in a Stephanies Luxury Spa

Take a journey that will warm the soul. Our five spa locations have been carefully preparing for the winter months, offering only the most relaxing and comforting journeys. So book in and get cozy this winter in one of Stephanies® Luxury Spa locations.

We have everything you need to relax and regenerate this winter. All spas provide the perfect winter warming aspects whether it be Stephanies® luxe warm massage beds at Sofitel, Clear Mountain and Noosa, or the beautiful Vintage fireplaces at Cleveland.  You can even curl up in Bulimba where the tranquility lounges iconic serenity matched with a warm herbal tea will reignite those warm fuzzy feelings.

Vintage Spa Fire Place

Lacking vitality or feeling tired?

A session in in one of our steam temples or detox sauna will help strengthen immune system, assists detoxification and ultimately relax muscles to relieve tension.


Booking in for an Infra-Red Detox Sauna at Vintage Spa (see above image), Cleveland. You will be visiting a beautiful destination for a day of relaxation, warmth and pampering. The Opal Rasul Steam Temple at Sofitel Spa Retreat will invigorate and detoxify. Muscles will relax, perfect before a soothing hot stone massage. Alternatively 35 minutes from the CBD is our Steam Therapy Lounge at Mountain Spa. The steam lounge will leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world. All treatments are complete  with with a warm la Vie Elixir Herbal Tea Infusion in the tranquility lounge.

Steam Lounge Mountain Spa

The element of warmth is incorporated throughout all our spas. We give special consideration to temperature, heat packs, warm oil, hot towels and herbal teas providing each guest with a complete soul pleasing spa journey.

Winter is looking pretty incredible to us so book now and cosy up at a Stephanies® Luxury Spa.