PAYOT’s NEW HYDRA 24+ is a stunning range with impressive breakthroughs!

PAYOTs NEW HYDRA 24+ is a stunning range with impressive skincare technology breakthroughs that is quickly becoming a ‘go to’ product if your skin is in need of instant hydration boost. Our expert therapists are so ecstatic with the results of Hydra 24+ they have formulated a High Performance facial to instantly refresh dull, gloomy skin lacking hydration. Hydra 24+ is available at all Stephanies locations and our expertly trained therapists are happy to assist with your skin care needs during the coming dry weather season.

Payot Hydra-24+ Range

About the range

This complete skin care range has been developed with expert formulas within Payots Paris skin laboratories, where they have all been tried and tested and include PAYOTs perfected skin technology. None of PAYOTs products are trialled on animals and are all paraben free, which we love.

HYDRATION: increased by 59% *

SENSATION OF FRESHNESS: increased by 100%*

SENSATION OF COMFORT: increased by 100%**

* Gel crème sorbet – Instrumental hydration measurement carried out on 10 volunteers T = 4hrs ** Gel crème sorbet – Satisfaction test carried out under dermatological control on 20 women over 21 days

HYDRO DEFENCE COMPLEX: This complex works to rejuvenate the water circulation from the depths of the skins layers in order to plump and firm the skin. By sourcing the hydration from the dermis and bringing it to the epidermis, this complex can maximise hydration and results.


15 ml. RPR: $65

Hydra+ for Eyes

This ultra hydrating roll-on product is ideal for rejuvenating around the eyes. Using the Hydro-Defense Complex, this product promotes long lasting hydration, prevents ageing, revives tired looking skin, and defends the skin from free radicals. Its light gel texture is ideal for evening and morning use.


50ml. RPR: $98.00

Payot Hydra+ Gel Creme Sorbet

An intense moisture hit for a combination skin, that will plump and maximise softness of the skin. This melt-in crème gels texture is a light and creamy paradise for a dull and gloomy skin. The long lasting quenching abilitys of this product are improved by a cocktail of anti-ageing benefits and a super defence against the harsh elements.


50 ml. RPR: $98.00


A product which acts as a flood gate onto a dehydrated skin, rejuvenating and regenerating the life within the skin. A plumping, uber-hydrating product which maximises the skins anti-ageing abilities and defends against the environments harsh effects. This products silky smooth crème texture allows for a relaxing and invigorating experience to take place right in your own bathroom.


50ml. RPR: $65.00


A masque which both hydrates and comforts a thirsty skin through enveloping it in an ultra fresh emulsion. This product utilises the Hydro Defense Complex and infuses the anti-ageing benefits directly into the skin, while plumping and regenerating the skins surface. Working on both cosmetic and chemical levels this product is promised to optimise your skins potential.


4G. RPR: $21.50

Payot Hydra 24+ Lips Levres

This product, specifically formulated to comfort dehydrated lips, is an ultimate must have. Protecting and rehydrating the lips using active ingredients such as liquorice, Shea butter and borage oil. Its resistant and anti-break formulation allows for an extraordinary glide onto the lip and makes this product special and unique.

Feel like some tender loving skin therapy?

Come in and experience the NEW HYDRA 24+ Skin Ritual. Your skin will be intensively cleansed, exfoliated and primed for Stephanies® famously relaxing face, neck, scalp and back massage which will transport you to a sensory heaven. You will then discover the unique benefits of the latest-generation Collagen Mask, in combination with Payots new cooling Cryo Massage Spheres taking you to the next level of relaxation, while adding to your skins softness, hydration and overall health and wellbeing. (Note: prices do vary between locations).

Stephanies Skin Therapists are fully equipped to step you through your personal PAYOT skincare regime and all bookings come with a complimentary skin analysis.


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Beauticate’s Glowing Review of Stephanies Vintage Spa

When Founder of Beauticate Sigourney Cantelo contacted Stephanies we got a little excited for a few big reasons. 1. Beauticate website is deliciously stylish.  2. Sigourney has worked as a Beauty journalist for over 15 years, has Beauty & Health Director at Vogue Australia on her resume as well as being awarded six Star Beauty Awards and five Jasmine Awards. With pride we share Beauticate’s review about our Vintage inspired day spa located 200 Middle Street, Cleveland.


Stephanies Vintage Spa

Situated in a timeless and charming Victorian cottage in Cleveland, a short 30-minute drive from Brisbane, is Stephanie’s Vintage Spa. This is not your average beauty destination. With eight suites, a guest lounge and an enchanting entrance, the heritage home, which was originally built in 1852, has been restored with love, thought and purpose. Beauticater, Elyse Goyan, experienced the hidden utopian spa’s Stephanie’s Signature Skin Treatment for herself.

Having frequented Stephanie’s Urban Spa and Spa Retreat, I had an idea of what to expect from this renowned Queensland brand; but when I arrived at Stephanie’s Vintage Day Spa I couldn’t have anticipated the calm that instantly washed over me. From the minute you’re greeted by the lovely Heather at reception to the fluffy almond coloured robe that softly comforts like a childhood toy – every detail of this spa is considered.

My therapist, Stacey made me feel right at home, offering me rose water in a quaint Turkish glass while she shared the history of the spa with me. Each room has its own unique design and a distinctive ambience to suit your treatment. With a scattering of candles throwing off a soft light and the scent of lavender wafting through the air, it’s the perfect environment for one of Stephanie’s soul-pleasing signature treatments.

I am booked in for Stephanie’s Signature Treatment – 100 minutes of pure bliss with a rose petal foot exfoliation, heated stone massage and Stephanie’s classic facial. From the moment my toes touch the warm petal-infused liquid, I feel rejuvenated. The little things make the biggest difference: from the way the heated stones are placed on my back, to the orange, lavender and ylang-ylang oil used to soothe my tense shoulders. I drift into a euphoric state, despite my best efforts to stay awake and note every detail of the experience for this review.

Following the incredibly relaxing massage, I’m treated to an invigorating facial. In my sleepy post massage haze, I count a total of 10 botanic PAYOT products applied to cleanse, lift, and plump my skin. From the aromatic silky cranberry and milk cleanser to the refreshing anti-fatigue collagen mask, I leave sporting an extremely healthy glow – sans under-eye bags care of my new must have product, Techni Regard.

Beyond the serene setting and exceptional treatments, Stephanie has developed a collection of beautiful products including a Lapis Body Crème and Macadamia Exfoliator which I trial before I wander through the lush grounds on my way to the guest lounge. Once ensconced there, I enjoy a cup of soothing herbal tea.

Stephanie’s philosophy is to “embrace new technologies, respect ancient rituals, step away from the ordinary and create breathtaking treatments,” and the Vintage Spa certainly delivers on this sentiment, with one of the most magnificent spa treatments I’ve had to date. I depart feeling still and, despite heading straight back to the hustle and bustle of every day life, I drive home feeling peaceful in complete silence.


200 Middle Street
Cleveland, QLD 4163
(07) 3488 0300
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More info  on Sigourney and Beauticate visit here