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D'fine magazine - Stephanie Shepherd

About me with Stephanie Shepherd

Stephanie Shepherd is CEO , Stephanies® Luxury Spa Group, which includes Stephanies® Vintage Spa, Cleveland.

Age: I stopped counting after my 30th.

My first job: Worked in a hair and beauty salon in my home town of Broken Hill while I was at high school. I started in the beauty industry by washing hair and sweeping the floors – I was 14.

The place I would most like to visit: Africa.

The car I drive: My trusty Toyota Kluger 4WD, which is often packed to the brim with products.

My favourite food: Italian.
My favourite word: Bliss (it’s a word that frequents throughout my spa menus).

My favourite song: I’m such a 70s and 80s chick. It would have to be anything ABBA.

My favourite movie: You’ve got Mail! My favourite television show: Revenge.

The person who most inspires me: My darling husband, Des.

My best trait: Compassion.

My worst trait: Stubborn.

What I would like to change: No cruelty to animals, and harsher penalties to those who are cruel to them.

Where I like to holiday: Paris and New York.

How I like to relax: At home with my friends and my four-legged furry companions, Max and Millie.

What saying would I like to be remembered for? Anything is possible!

Brisbane News – My Stuff with Stephanie Shepherd

Interview with CEO Stephanie Shepherd.

Stephanie Shepherd is the founder and CEO of Stephanie’s Spa Retreat, city. She also has spas in Noosa, Clear Mountain and Bulimba. Here, the beauty guru, entrepreneur and lover of luxury shares her passions and inspirations.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.54.14 PMWhere do you live: Cannon Hill.

Favourite Sheets: Anything made from Egyptian cotton, 600 thread count or more.

China: A Royal Albert setting I received for my 21st birthday.

Cushions: Satin and silk with a touch of bling.

Pets: I couldn’t live without my pooches Max and Millie.

Flowers: Oriental lilies and orchids.

Design Store: Anthropologie in America.